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Mathys had been in the middle of performing an additional perimeter around Beauxbatons, checking in with the hundreds of stony companions lining the castle exterior. Sometimes it took a bit of creative thinking to reach them, but he was managing. He had just been about to dip out onto one of his personal favorite balconies on this floor when his ears perked and he heard the unmistakable shouts of his headmistress. Pivoting sharply in his Hebridean Black dragon hide boots, his long strides swiftly brought him to the slightly ajar door of the Inquisitorial Hall and took a moment to knock thrice before pulling it open and slipping inside.

And this was certainly a curious sight to behold. Had this been a scheduled hearing he surely would have been informed as such, which told him more about the situation at hand than much else. Though he did not wish to jump to too heinous of conclusions. He was one of the Beauxbatons faculty attempt to keep an open mind about their visitors. Even if the stench of poor taste seemed to have already seeped into the curtains like unwanted mildew. Mon Dieu, mon Dieu, mon Dieu.

"Excuses, headmistress," he greeted with a deep bow from the waist as he stepped inside and diligently shut the door behind him so the sound could no longer carry into the lavish corridor. "I heard your distress and came eemmediately." His brilliant blue eyes drifted to the one Hogwarts youth he was already far to familiar with on sight and in less than favorable circumstances and then to the young mademoiselle who felt as though she were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and then finally over to their History of Magic professor who he would be scrutinizing most of all once the details of the situation were revealed. "If I may be so bold as to suggest to you, headmistress, zat before you continue to administair your justice zat you remind yourself zat zere a significant learning curve for our guests and not everyone haz been exposed to our highair standards from ze beginning. Zese matters will take time and zey have not been here long to properly absorb your superior tastes."

Though hopefully it would be more like training crups than kneazles.
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