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It had been a long morning up in her office and the Headmistress was simply dying for a stroll out in her rose garden. Often, she liked to move about in the serenity of the flora and get lost in her own little world for a while. It was more calming than any potion either Healer could offer her and with the Hogwarts brood now here, she found herself in more and more need of this therapy.

Only problem? She didn’t quite make it there.

Giselle watched from up the corridor as Snozz? Snozz. It was Snozz, that was his name. The Headmistress watched as first Snozz then a little girl wondered into the inquisitorial hall. Strange....there wasn’t a meeting today. No one had asked permission to make use of it. No pressing matters had been brought to her attention.

The woman made quick strides, yanking the door open when she got there. First thing? Snozz was calling the boy “Headmistress”. Second thing? The boy was sitting in her seat.

The door remained ajar in her shocked. All the blood in her body rushed to her face and the woman had to fight to not shake as a rush of indignation swirled up. Were they mocking her on top of every other offense they were currently perpetrating? “What do you sink you are doing?? Doz zhis LOOK like a playground to you???? You sink zhis is funny????” In a flash, Giselle raised her wand. The seat rose off the ground and unceremoniously upended the boy. How he landed was no concern of hers. “Zhis iz zhe Inquisitorial Hall.” Said so just outside the door. Labelled as many of the castle’s rooms were. “It iz NOT a lounge and NOT zhe place for your idiotic games.”

Giselle whirled around at the “adult” present, if you could call him that. “Even if zhey can’t read and don’t know what zhis room is, YOU DO, monsieur. What sort of irresponsible, disrespectful behaviour are you encouraging?” And at that, the woman began going off in rapid French, much too annoyed to remember her courtesies of speaking the same language.
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