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Yoga was one of many things Malachi Neil Trent did not care for. Exercise and wellness were great but he'd always believed he could achieve those things without contorting his body and falling asleep trying to "clear" his mind.

Did he say any of this to Desmarais? Definitely not.

This was her idea of bonding and if this was how she wanted to go about suing for peace, then he would be supportive and take his side of the castle's current residence to this little....friendly....event.....thing.... What was this again? Just food and yoga and getting along? Did he need to remind his students about good behaviour?

Probably not. Not with Giselle around to constantly be a reminder. That woman could have really benefited from one of Noble's calming draughts. She needed to Re-L A X.

Malachi kept his gaze fixed on the roses while he got closer to the group. Why? So he could pretend not to see what his staff were wearing. If he could just pull off telling the Headmistress that he had no idea what she was talking about when she confronted him about it later before excusing himself, there would be some peace. Sure, he'd caught a glimpse but never fear, he'd looked away soon enough to be able to plead plausible deniability.

"We about ready to get this thing started?"
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