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Upon seeing the notice on the board, Carys had been of two minds about yoga. Not so much about the idea of intermingling with the Beaux students, as she’d been trying to occasionally do that in their borrowed common room with mixed results. Namely, she wasn’t entirely sure if she’d managed to convince them of her completely genuine intents. Plus, there was still the temptation to just speak Welsh the next time one of them pretended they didn’t understand her. Her main reason for being torn about it was the matter of Quidditch. She didn’t mind yoga. She occasionally had tried doing it on her own before, as it weirdly did help her with her chaser skills. But she was worried that the professors thought it would take the place of her preferred exercise.

Either way, it was a relatively optimistic Hufflepuff who made her way down from the third floor and out into the gardens, ready for any form of exercise in her loose top and shorts, completed with a pair of black Converse on her feet just to protect them on her walk to the garden.

Arriving shortly after her sister, she tried to hide a smile at seeing exactly what Professor Schmoe thought was appropriate yoga attire. At least she had managed to stop the giggle, and it was easy to turnthe smile in Lucas’ direction as she’d passed the Gryffindor boy on her way to claim a spot on the opposite side of her sister, settling in on her yoga mat after nudging her twin to hand over a replicated on she’d brought with her. It paid to be prepared, after all.

Which apparently that older Slytherin boy wasn’t, as she watched him backing away.
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