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If Carsyn was being totally honest, yoga was much too TAME of an exercise for the fourth year and yet also NOT because she was well aware of the benefits. If there was to be a quidditch this year, this would certainly help ensure she was limber enough. Also, it was taking place in the Rose Garden, which even though she knew it wasn't named after her, how could Carsyn Rose not show up at a place with her surname?

But see unlike her professors, the fourth year athlete knew appropriate yoga dress code. Which included walking from the Papillonlisse Common Room barefoot cause shoes were not needed for yoga, unlike quidditch. She was carrying some trainers with her, just in case the off-chance this turned into a quidditch match someone complained.

"Hiya!" she said enthusiastically, approaching the garden. Also no, she didn't have a yoga mat; that was beyond her scope. Carsyn moved to standing beside Jillian, cause she didn't see her sister yer and she knew Jillian to be only a year older, although she hadn't interacted with her much.
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