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Ah yes. There they were.

The arrival of the Hogwarts professors was preceded by the stench of bad taste. So much so that Mathys' nose twitched and he covered it immediately with one of his hands as the young Poufsouffle Hufflepuff [SweetPeea]and forced his lips to curl into a pleasant sort of smile. It was not her fault that her professors were fashion illiterate. "Zere is a reasahn why zey call it yoga practice. It is not perfection and zere is nothing in yoga zat is ultimate. Zere's beauty and grace in every body in any pose. You will do just fine."

Fashion, however, was another story.

Schmoe. His name was as sloppy as his exterior, leaving Mathys to hope that at least the man's personality had some redeeming qualities. "Professor Schmoe," he greeted with a slight bow from the waist, one arm tucked along the small of his back. Did these Hogwarts professors truly greet one another by first name in front of their students? How unprofessional. He was feeling far too tongue in cheek to be able to take Professor Barlow's greeting with anything but disdain. "....are you comfortable and able to move in zose..." Rags? "....robes?" Mathys had been able to remove his fingers from plugging his nose by now, at least.

"Bon après-midi, mademoiselle," he greeted the another young girl [nicole black] who approached the small group, Mathys' offering each [hjhm] as they arrived the same courtesy he had their professors in a slight bow at the waist. Though the disheveled appearance of the young man [Felixir] was not what concerned the Care of Magical Creatures professor (tattered jeans were a superior fashion statement to his professor's take on acceptable fashion). No, it was the clueless nature of the boy that had him perplexed. "You are interrupting nothing. We have not yet started," Mathys assured him, though ignorance and unobservance would not excuse him from participation. Not that he was already here.

But no. He was not here to lead this afternoon exercise. Not unless his headmistress was about to surprise him with this information.
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