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The only thing that Jillian saw in the noticeboard is the word yoga and she's absolutely sold already. Naturally she is excited doing this, changing into a much more comfortable ensemble she made her way to the Rose Garden. She has passed by this place a couple of times before, thankfully.

Entering the garden the first person that caught her eye is Professor Schmoe, quirky as ever. Next to him is the gorgeous man, the last time she has seen him was during the opening feast and he was injured. Although from the looks of it, he's all patched up and ready to do some yoga. Professor Barlow is looking rather academic with his bow tie and brown robes. Will he be participating as well because he might not be comfortable in it. "hello professors" she said smiling at the three of them.


Cue in her awkwardness.

She tried looking around and spotting some of her school mates. Well for now there was only 2 of them. She walked towards where they were standing and joins them.
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