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This entire castle was... fancy. Incredibly fancy. Dress up in your nicest clothes and still look shabby, fancy. And Iclyn wasnít sure she liked that. She had gotten up two hours early and had done her make up and made sure there wasnít a hair out of place..

And yet she still felt like she was barely worthy of the floor she was walking on!

The blonde was waiting near the entrance of the Rose garden for Bastian, they had agreed to take a walk just after they had gotten to school, but since it was late the previous day, this was the only time they could do it!

She smoothed down her robes and patted her hair back into place, making sure the high bun had no strands coming down from it. This place was perfect and she needed to look perfect as well.

If only she had some silken robes too!

At least all of this had taken her mind off her family and Bastian.. couldnít blame a boy for not liking her, if she wasnít even worthy of the Beauxbatons floors.

Meh.. she gently kicked at some grass as she waited.
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