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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Gracelyn Abbott-Daniau
Sixth Year

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Skye Tamerlane
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Dylan Morgenstern

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Elizabeth Chambers
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Kiara Mordaunt
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a request for my firstie's new wand, for use if and when she comes onsite again

Character's Name: Gracelyn Abbott-Daniau
Brief Description of Your Character's Personality: a ball of energy wrapped in the form of a eleven-year-old girl. She's not shy about her family ("I have two papas and my aunt is my biological mama"), or much of anything in particular. I mean, she went from zero to sixty on the topic of wandlore completely out of the blue.
Character's Strongest Form of Magic/Strongest Spell They Can Perform: "So far all I've managed is purple sparks but I wanna learn everything"
Wand Size/Length: 12 3/4 inches
Wood Type(s): Poplar
Wood Flexibility: bendy
Core: unicorn hair
Wand Detailing: maybe something related to astronomy, or astrology. She's always wearing a necklace that depicts the constellation for Pisces (her zodiac sign). And/or something using her font color/favorite color, which is #b272a6
Where Did Your Character Purchase His/Her Wand: Ollivanders
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