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Hey Guys, thanks for reading and coming back for more. It is a thrill to do what I love and that people read it. Thank you so much. I hope everyone is safe from Hurricane Dorian. Right at this moment it is a category 5 but has turned enough that they now don't think it will impact the state only the east coast. We will still need to be vigilant to the weather due to high winds and rain, possibly tornadoes. It was scary with the first predictions of it cutting right over top of us. But it has turned and I'm so thankful to God for this. And now for the new chapter.

Chapter 2

Understanding Why

Harry looked sorrowfully at his oldest son and said, “I am sorry you don’t like Hogwarts. There were many times I felt the same way as you. But, it will always have a special place in my heart because up until my second year at Hogwarts when I started spending time at the Burrow it was the only place I called home when I lived with the Dursley’s. Of course that isn’t the case any longer about the Dursley’s, but it was when I was a young lad.”

They talked softly for a minute and then Harry let go of James’s hands and looked at them carefully. “I think they’re healed up okay now, how about it?”

James looked at them surprised that there wasn’t anything wrong with them. He knew he hurt them when he was beating on his dad and he could see his bloody knuckle prints all over his dad and then nodded his head and thanked his dad with a very constricted throat. “Can you heal yourself the same way? Or have Winky or Lily heal you?”

Harry shook his head no and said, “Well, I think we’ve kept our family and friends from being comfortable too long. They looked at the living room and saw it was completely destroyed. Harry looked at Ginny and the rest of the family and friends and said, “Please come in and sit. James and I will be done soon and then we can visit while our dinner is being prepared.” Before anyone could take a step the room was completely repaired. Harry lifted the protection barrier and all the guys gathered around him and shook hands and Teyla, Tazmia, Lily, and Ginny kissed him and gave him hugs. Harry kept his arm around Ginny and Rodney said, “You all do know that you are getting blood all over you don’t you?”

Harry looked serious and looked at everyone. Rodney was right; they all had blood on them. His face turned red and he apologized. Ginny took out her wand and lifted the blood off of them. Harry looked at James and quietly told him to come to him.

James went to his dad and stood before him. “Yes, Daddy?” Harry smiled gently at the endearment his son rarely bestowed on him since he was around seven. “I’m not doing this as punishment or to be cruel, but I want you to take a good look at what your anger did to me. James looked at him and then obediently watched as his mom and Carson began cleaning and medicating all his wounds. Carson cleaned his bloody lip that was dried and puffy. An ugly bruise was showing too but they fixed it and you could hardly tell there was anything wrong. Carson whistled pointing at the dog’s claw marks. Harry’s muscles tensed when they cleaned them and clenched his fists to hold in his cry of pain. John lifted Harry’s arms and Ginny moaned when she saw the breaks and tears in his skin. Vivid colored bruises and deep cuts from blocking all the furniture and things James attacked him with covered his arms. The more blood they cleaned off the worse they looked. After they were done with his arms they cleaned from his neck to his belt. When they got to his back he moved away from them and shook his head no. “I’ll just put my shirt on; it’ll be okay for now.”

Carson said, “I will do it, son.” He whispered while looking down at his supplies like he was seeing what he had to work with. “I know what you’ve done; I’ll be careful.” Harry sighed and nodded his head. While Carson worked on his back Harry asked Tazmia how her family was doing. “Are congratulations in order; you are going to have another kitten?”

Tazmia stared at Harry for a minute making the silence awkward. Realizing something was wrong Harry said, “I’m sorry; did I spill the beans, or am I just wrong?”

Tazmia managed a smile and said, “It isn’t common knowledge yet. Tormane doesn’t even know yet. He and Rocky have been for the last two weeks on a hunting trip with Ronon. How is it that you know?”

Harry looked serious and almost like he was daydreaming and then he said, “I guess maybe it’s because my senses are acutely tuned for Werecats since I can transform into one. I knew you were here before I even saw you.”

Tazmia smiled then and said, “It is an acceptable and plausible explanation. Yes, you are correct that I will be having another kitten. And thank you for the congratulations.”

Carson put his hand comfortingly on Harry’s shoulder and said, “All finished, Lad. Can you make a long sleeved compression shirt to wear?”

Harry looked at his doctor for approval after he suddenly had on a white long sleeved compression shirt. Carson nodded his head and smiled and said, “That’s the ticket, son. I want you to wear one night and day for a month.”

Harry sighed and nodded his head and said he would. He turned his attention to his son who was still watching. “Do you know why I would make you look at what you did; even though I forced you to try to make good on your threats and boisterous claims of manhood?”

James said, “No, I don’t know why you made me see all that evil that I did.”

Harry studied his son and then said, “That’s an interesting way to say no. Were you trying to kill me?’
“No,” James exclaimed in shock.

“I didn’t think so. You wanted to hurt me though.”

“No,” was the answer in just as much shock as the first question received but not convincingly.

Harry looked at his son expecting him to elaborate on the feelings that he had while he was attacking him.

“I don’t know, Dad. I was just so – so-”

Harry half nodded his head and said, “I can attempt to help you and then I’ll tell you why I had you watch. But you stop me if I’m wrong.”

James eagerly nodded his head so Harry continued. “I think you were angry and hurt because of everything accumulating like my hardly ever being able to be home but for recovering; only getting to take you to Diagon Alley once and getting to take you to King’s Cross once, only getting to pick you up at King’s Cross once which was this past year in which I nearly died; never getting to spend the summer with you, and only getting to spend one birthday with you, which was the year I made you your wand. And we can’t really count that year because I had been gone seven months and when I made it back home, you and Albus didn’t recognize me and you didn’t accept me for your dad. And most important of all, you thought I didn’t rescue you when you desperately needed me to.”

James eyes were watery and his chin quivered. He licked his lips and tried to clear his throat so he could answer his dad, but the lump in his throat refused to move only allowing him to whisper. “Yes, you’re right. I felt like I was alone. I’m a misfit because Albus, Lily, and Mum all found ways to cope with you being gone for whatever reason. But I couldn’t find a way; the more I tried the worse I missed you. I started acting out and getting mad at you so I wouldn’t be so lonely for you.”

Harry felt like James could have been describing his childhood clear to the present day. It hurt him that James felt the same way he did. He cleared his throat and responded quietly but confidently, “Sweetheart, let me tell you something and then we’ll move on to why I made you look at what you did to me and watch as your Mum and Carson patched me up. You feel like a misfit because we are all misfits. Why aren’t we supposed to tell Muggles what we are? It’s because to them, we don’t exist in reality. The same way John can’t tell anyone he is a Demi god because people don’t believe they are real. John, Jack, Albus, and I have the Ancient Gene. Nobody can be told that because people don’t believe the story of Atlantis is true. We are set apart from people who are born without extra genes and powers. By their definition of human, they would think we are misfits if they believed in us. But we don’t let it bother us do we? Of course we don’t, because it doesn’t matter to us what they think. We accept our differences and we are proud of our differences because it's who we are. A lot of people feel badly for Muggles, even pity them because they don’t know magic. We just live our lives happy with who and what we are and do our best to get along with everyone and if anyone has a problem with the way we are, then they are the ones to be pitied because they can’t enjoy their miserable lives when others are able to move on in their lives happy and content with their lives being different. Your brother, sister, and Mum haven't coped as well as you think but you couldn't tell because you couldn't see passed your own self pity. Maybe you can think about the reason you don’t like Hogwarts and after you work out your feelings about me then you can work on not acting out and you will probably find that kids will enjoy your return to normalcy. Girls will follow you and swoon when you walk by and-” Harry stopped and laughed happily when James turned red in the face.

James laughed then and said he’d have to get him back for that. Harry smiled and said, “Bring it on, son. Only I need you to not prank me for another month okay? I’m really not as well as I look.”

James nodded his head seriously and then said, “I’m ready for you to tell me why you made me see how I hurt you.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “I did it to show you what pain looks like to the person inflicting the pain. All the pain you inflicted on me is evident in all the cuts and bruises. You know they are real because you saw the blood from them right?”

James nodded his head and Harry continued. “The pain you saw originated inside your heart. I made you dig it out of your heart and put it all on me. Then I made you see it and then watch it all get cleaned up. Because people who love me helped me deal with the pain, then it will all heal nicely and though there may be some scars, I will make a full recovery in a month’s time. You see now what was in your heart, the pain was just as real as what you inflicted on me. But if you hadn’t released that pain then those of us who love you wouldn’t know you were hurting and needed help. Your heart would be broken in pieces and the longer you went without getting help the more fragile your heart would become. Your sores would fester from the neglect and your heart would begin to rot. Pain changes a man or I should say pain changes a person who has had to deal with either too much physical pain or too much emotional pain or both. This is what I deal with everyday because I went through my whole childhood on up through this present time with pain and suffering beyond your wildest imagination. I went through too much for too long without the help I needed and the effects on me are very hard to handle sometimes. Thankfully though, I have a wonderful wife, and wonderful children who I love more than life. This is what gets me through every minute of every day.”

James nodded his head, fully understanding what his dad was explaining to him.

Harry took a deep breath and continued on. “This is the one and only time that I will tolerate settling issues with violence. And after I tell you why I made you watch me being patched up, we will not speak of it anymore and you will settle any issues diplomatically if at all possible. So listen close. I made it happen this time because I saw in your eyes exactly what I felt like in my fifth year at Hogwarts. That year I lost Sirius Black. I believe you know the story about the sleight of hand Professor Dumbledore pulled off making it so I didn’t lose him after all. Anyway at the time I did lose him I was devastated because it was my fault he died. But I felt that if things had not been kept from me I wouldn’t have felt like I needed to rescue him. I was waiting for Professor Dumbledore where he sent me to, after he rescued us from the Ministry of Magic; his office. And when he came back from the Ministry he talked to me; trying to make me understand why things had to be the way they were. I couldn’t see it though. The more he talked the more infuriated I became. I was so enraged from everything piling on top of me and not knowing how to deal with it or that he didn’t see that I needed help from him that I sat trembling. I needed to know the secrets kept from me not why they were kept from me. I needed to know why I wasn’t allowed, in my line of thinking, to have anyone love me because they would end up being killed. I yelled at him at the top of my lungs. I raged against him and told him I didn’t care about what he had to tell me unless it was the truth about the secrets. My contempt for him grew because I felt like he was trying to defend his reasoning for the secrets and that it caused him pain too. I began breaking all his instruments. I turned over his desk and just completely destroyed his office. I remember having so much pain in me that I wanted him to hurt like me. I thought I should be able to hurt him like he hurt me just so he would know what I was feeling so he could help me. I never did of course, because I loved him; even though he hurt me more than I can tell you to this day, I couldn’t hurt him nor could I think about hurting him. I destroyed his office because I was angry and hurt, but mainly because I wanted him to see I was in too much pain and didn’t see what the pain was that he was talking about. I needed him to help me see it so I could understand. I stormed out of his office defeated and angry that he couldn’t help me see so I could understand. I was angry because all he would do was sit there patiently while I busted up the place and then just talk about what his reason was for doing what he did. It felt like he was saying for me to understand why things had to be the way they were and anything to do with my pain was just because whatever will be will be and to just keep on living the way things are since we don’t know what tomorrow will bring and we can’t change what happened. So when you stood in front of me every day, your anger seething from your eyes and your mouth saying I was a has been and you wished I wasn’t your dad and other things about me I could see that anger and cry for help in your eyes. And then you said how you could beat me with one hand behind your back and you’d show me you’re a man. I could see in your eyes that you wanted to hurt me. When I got out of the chamber I made you attack me. At first you used the furniture to try and hurt me. And then you began trying to hurt me with your fists. You wanted to hurt me because you wanted me to understand your pain. That’s why I wanted you to watch what your pain would look like if it wasn’t healed properly and if more piled on without being taken care of properly. You grew up surrounded by love with only a couple things that happened to you. So then you didn’t understand what was going on when you started having problems at school. Your sarcastic cheek didn’t make it better, of which you already know because you admitted to it. You began to blame me for everything happening to you because I wasn’t ever present in your life when it mattered most. And then when you called out to me when you felt like your life depended on me saving you, you thought I didn’t come so you thought I just didn’t care after you found out I was still alive. Your pain became unbearable and you wanted me to feel your pain because you didn’t understand how things could be so different than what they were when you were growing up. You didn’t know what was happening to you.”

James nodded his head, unable to say anything.

“I wanted you to see pain and watch what the pain caused and what it took to be fixed, most importantly that it could be fixed. I thought I would rather you enjoy living, than regret living. I don’t ever want you to wish you were dead or that you could just die.”

Harry offered his arm to James hoping his son would let him hug him because he thought they both needed it. Thankfully James ran and threw his arms around Harry’s shoulders and they both sobbed quietly. James thanked him and said, “I’m glad you love me enough to see that I needed help and gave me what I needed.”

“Let’s visit with the family and our friends now. I could use a rest; how about you?”

James nodded his head and said he needed to talk to Albus and Lily and would it be okay if he did it now instead of after dinner. Harry said he thought it was an excellent idea and to go ahead and talk now if they were willing.

Harry waited for the kids to go up to James’s bedroom and then went to the window to look out at the world that was passing him by. He stretched like one does when they get up after a night’s sleep and rubbed his face wearily. He tried to compose himself before sitting with his friends and Ginny. He turned around and went to the other side of the room and stopped in front of the fireplace.

“It seems odd that the last time I stood here I was putting a log on the fire. There was just a chill in the air and it seemed pretty dreary here all alone.” He smiled and sat down sipping a glass of water that appeared in his hand. His gaze was soft as he looked at Ginny. He wanted in the worst way to even just sit with her, but Teyla and Tazmia were sitting on either side of her. He looked at John and said, “Thanks brother.” He looked at Carson and said, “Thanks for what you did for me. If John hadn’t gotten you here and you did what you did I wouldn’t have made it.”

He looked at Rodney and arched his eyebrow curious of his demeanor. And then he cracked up laughing. “What is it Rodney, just spit it out.”

Rodney said, “Well, I wanted to ask you how you got out of the chamber on your own and a month ahead of time at that. Why can’t you just do things the easy way? You should’ve used your three months instead of coming out early. Do you know what is going to happen to you because you came out early? That’s what I wanted to ask you. But then after you and James had your… father son moment I didn’t know if I should ask you.”

Harry took in a large cleansing breath and let it out slowly. He looked out to the kitchen hoping Winky would show up and announce that dinner was ready. Since she didn’t he looked back at Rodney. He wasn’t laughing this time and Rodney felt somewhat intimidated under his gaze.

Finally Harry looked upstairs and then back to Rodney and spoke saying, “When I was fighting the entity in space and the computers I was electric impulses. When we attacked each other it caused the space anomalies. I told you this part so I’ll skip to the part you’re curious about. When Carson got here I had completely shut down all my organs lifeline except for my heart and brain. I slowed my heartbeat down to just a beat now and then to circulate the blood to my brain. My body was resting during this time which is what I needed it to do because I was in a state of hypothermia so to speak. The sudden loss of blood pressure and the effects of what that causes put me in extreme danger. So my electrical system needed to rest so it wouldn’t short circuit. But I needed to eat a large amount of food and drink water to even out the three phases I divided the electric my body existed on. One couldn’t drop below or rise above the others or I would short circuit. Since my organs were shut down I was slowly dying and had actually stopped breathing and my heart beat its last beat. I couldn’t stay alive any longer. Carson somehow knew I needed food and drink so he filled my stomach with a predigested drink that contained all the nourishment I needed to bring that phase of my electrical system up to functional. He also injected my heart with the stimulant I needed to turn my organs back on. I knew though that my using this little bit of magic was going to short circuit me again so I told them to put me in the stasis chamber in my study.

Harry looked at Ginny apologetically and then looked back to Rodney and continued, “I began to short circuit when John and Carson got me into the chamber and I was already in a lot of pain. But then the chamber took over my brains job and started revitalizing my body slowly. It was from the shot of the inhibitor Carson gave me that made my electrical system even out with the other two phases of my system. I couldn’t move, I was like a statue. Just as I was about to let the machine take total control of my brain, I saw and heard Ginny and Lily crying for me. I sectioned off my brain from the control of the machine so I could watch over them. If anything happened to them I would be able to make the machine alert Carson on Atlantis through my cell phone. I left one of my cell phones on my desk in case Lily needed to check to see where I was. My phone would show her where I was and she could be relieved seeing I was in my study here at home because she would know if I died it would say it was unable to find me. So anyway, I saw everything and heard everything every day and night. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I realized right off that this wouldn’t work my being in the machine for three months and began working on ideas that would make me be able to come out as soon as possible. Ginny paced back and forth filling me in on how our family was falling apart because she didn’t know what was going on with James constantly being in trouble and coming just close to being expelled but managing somehow to stay within the increasingly thinner patience of the Headmistress. This of course was my fault because I had to go fight something in another galaxy that didn’t have anything to do with our family. Lily was sweet at first and tried to keep me entertained just in case I could see since my eyes were open. But then with James being in trouble constantly and Ron and Hermione constantly stopping in to see if I was getting better and suggesting that she call my doctors and see if they can’t get me out just so I could straighten up James and then they could put me back in my science fiction chamber, as they called it, didn’t help at all. Lily’s picture of butterflies, flowers, birds and everything beautiful began to have things that she knows I hate added to it. She became smug and hurtful the more Ginny got upset. Then they went to King’s Cross and picked up James and Albus. They must have had a fight on the way home because nobody was happy to have the family together again. Everyday… James came in and said the most hurtful things … Finally I devised a way to come out early. I put an inhibitor spell on my cerebral cortex and my spine to keep my electrical system from short circuiting if I overloaded it in any way. I would simply fall asleep and wake up after I rested enough to even out my three phases. As I healed naturally the inhibitor would become smaller with its diminishing need for it. It took a bit of complex magic but I was able to change the atmosphere in the chamber to give me the same healing properties of water. I couldn't keep up with it for over a month though; it was exhausting. Once that was done the chamber sensed my health and opened for me to come out. Since I was healed I obviously didn’t need the surgery I would have needed. Now for the next month I just have to be careful not to be doing anything too strenuous so I don’t fall asleep suddenly. As I continue to level my three phases then my inhibitor will be completely used up and will cease to be.”

He stopped to think and said, “I should figure out how to make the healing atmosphere be a natural part of the chamber so I will heal much faster instead of draining my strength by making an atmosphere any other time I need it.”

Rodney jumped up and said, “What do you call your father son moment there? That was a lot more than just a little subtle chit chat there bucko. What if you suddenly fell asleep when let’s say oh I don’t know, A COUCH, came at you?! That would have killed you!”

Harry shook his head, “If I had waited until now to do that with James, then yes that probably would have happened. But I just came out of the stasis chamber and I was full up on my energy and magic. I knew I would be okay, I would have stopped earlier if I felt like I was becoming unbalanced.”

“I don’t want to make it sound like Ginny was hateful or anything like that. I knew she just needed me and she was at her wits end to know what to do about James. There were good times too, but I won’t talk about her modeling some of her new um clothes for me.
Just then Winky came in and announced dinner was ready. Harry stood up and smiled rubbing his hands together, “Great, let’s go eat; I’m starved!” Harry went to the stairs and called up to the kids to come down for dinner. When they came down Harry smiled at them; seeing them happy with each other was good news to him. He put his arm around James shoulder and asked if he was doing okay.

“I’m just a little sore; well actually I’m a lot sore. My back and neck hurts, but I’m okay.”

Harry’s face showed concern and he said, “You took a lot of hits on your tailbone; let me see if you need a spinal adjustment. Harry rubbed his fingertips all along his son’s spine and then stopped. He raised him off of the floor and made him be in a lying down position on his belly. Then very quickly he pushed his thumbs on the lower spine and a loud pop sounded. He massaged his lower back for a minute and then put him back on his feet.

“Is that better, son?”

“Yes, sir; thanks!”
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