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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
He turned to look just as another examinee popped in. Good, two fwoopers with one stone. He was already up anyway. "Nothing feels like it's missing?" She didn't look splinched... And by her exclamation, she was convinced that she wasn't. But maybe she was missing a bellybutton or something. Who knew? Not James. But he didn't need any reckless apparators loose in the world, so best to check. "If not, I can take your form as well." And then sign, seal, deliver, whatever whatever whatever. You know how it goes.
Natalie looked up when an older, more-accomplished-than-her looking bloke appeared, asking her if she felt anything missing. He must have been the guy to sign her paper and send her off. "No sir," she replied proudly. Then she handed over her slightly wrinkled form for him to sign.

While she waited for him to sign it, Natalie gathered her focus again. She just had to prove herself one more time and apparate into the Atrium and then she would be free to apparate anytime by herself.

And after it was signed, that was just what she did.

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