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Text Cut: Announcer
Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
If one listened closely, there were a few clunk clunk sounds almost as if windows had been shut despite the fact that the windows on this level weren’t designed to open.

A moment later the view in the enchanted windows changed from a sunny blue-skied day to a rainy downpour; the tap of rain pelted against the glass like a staccato drum beat. The beat of the rain accelerated into a crescendo of noise.

And just as quickly stopped, the windows going black.

Hopefully you had your desk lamp or overhead light on, because lumos and other lighting charms will not work. In fact, it seems that none of the department charms were working. With any luck you’ve been keeping up with your multilingual skills because that foreign visitor you’re talking with is suddenly no longer speaking the Queen’s English.

Having been shoed away from the Atrium by the Minister who wrecked his chance for real coffee, Valentin was not in the best of moods when he walked into the DIMC lobby. Nope. The French Ambassador had not appreciated the way the Minister had spoken to him, nor had he appreciated the way that he had been yelled at by the lady he had just been trying to help. He didn’t care that he didn’t know what was going on or what the lady had been through. One didn’t need to yell at people the way she had.

So, mentally fuming, Valentin walked into the Lobby, hoping that coffee in the office wasn’t sludge, and praying that his meeting with Conley would be short. It took him a moment to realize that the room was dark.

”Bonjour?” he called in his native language. Knowing that there were translation spells cast on the office, he knew he needn’t speak in English unless he wanted and frankly, Valentine was not feeling very amenable at the moment. ”Quel est le problčme avec les lumičres?” (What is the problem with the lights?)

Producing his blackthorn wand, he gave it a wave and said, ”Lumos.”

Text Cut: Philippa
Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
With her signature, softer popping sound of apparition, Philippa appeared proudly at the Level Five lobby. She hadn't been worried about splinching herself in the classroom - such a short distance was way below her capabilities - but now she needed to check. Eyebrows, limbs, fingernails, all her toes, everything seemed to be in working order. She pulled out a small mirror from her handback and checked her hair as well, just in case. Nothing hurt, so that meant all her internal organs had also survived the journey.

No splinching. Philippa allowed herself a small relieved sigh. Only one more apparition to go, and she'd be a licensed witch at long last.

Now, to find someone to sign her form. Her wooden heels made a satisfying sound as she walked over to the desk with her clipboard in hand.

His wand did not light up. He tried the spell again. Nothing.

In the darkness, the popping noise followed by the click-clack of shoes on the floor startled Valentin. He was thankful that the darkness concealed his reaction. He prided himself in his personal poise after all. He didn't need anyone in this office seeing him spooked by something as silly as some simple noises.

”Bonjour?” Valentin called again walking further into the room, heading to where he knew the lobby desk stood. ”Savez-vous ce qui ne va pas avec les lumičres?” (Do you know what is wrong with the lights?) He asked assuming the person in the lobby worked in DIMC, or at the very least, inside the Ministry since they had probably just apparated into the room (a feat he didn't think was possible inside the ministry due to anti-apparattion charms). He had no clue that the translation spells were not working.
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