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Default Short Story: James Fights His Dad
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Hey Guys, here we are again. Thank you for reading my ff, and coming back for more. I do so enjoy writing and it makes me so happy to have loyal readers. Thank you so much. This Short Story is two chapters long and leads right into the next short story. This first of the two chapters is pretty hard to swallow, but please don't be harsh with Harry for what he is about to allow to happen. I stopped the chapter where I did so you can take a breath and settle down for next weeks chapter, 'Understanding Why'. Thank you all again for reading.

Short Story: James Fights His Dad

Chapter 1

The Wrath Of James

Two months later John, Carson, Rodney, Teyla, and Tazmia knocked on the kitchen door. James answered it and stepped aside without a word of welcome but held his arm out to the kitchen for them to come in.

They walked in quite surprised with the reception they received but didn’t say anything except for cheerfully greeting James. James grunted something that almost sounded like English but they could only assume he said hi.

Ginny called from the living room her voice coming louder as she talked. “James, did someone knock on the door?” She came into full view and James said, “Yeah, it’s them; his friends,” and started to walk away looking at a magazine in his hand. Ginny started to chastise him for his rudeness but caught a glimpse of the magazine. “What are you reading?!” she asked hotly and started to take it from him.

James gave an ugly smirk and yanked it away from her and said, “What makes you think I’m reading? Just leave me alone,” and walked away shoving Lily out of his way as he gave his attention to the magazine.

John stepped away from the group and started after James. He wasn’t his father but he knew Harry would want him to intercede. Rodney made a grab for him but John shook him off and resumed his task he assigned himself of talking to James. The others followed him and he caught up with Ginny.

Albus came up behind his sister and helped her up and asked if she was okay. Lily nodded her head and said, “Why is he such a bully and troublemaker?!” Albus shrugged his shoulders and said, “He went through a lot at school and now he’s dealing with Mum being mad at him. And Dad is- Let’s see our friends from Atlantis.”

By this time Ginny and their company were in the living room and Ginny shouted, “Just wait until your father gets out of that machine, James. You’ll be-”

“Yeah, like that will actually happen. He’s washed up, Mum. He’s a has been and everyone knows it. He can’t go a day without having to get life saving surgery if he gets a splinter. I could beat him on his best day with one hand behind my back. He should have died years ago but you all keep saving his life even when he wants to die. If you had let him die years ago at least he would have died a hero. All these years he’s lived in unbearable pain and nobody cared. They just wanted him to live. I don’t know why either. You never understood that he wasn’t ours, but the worlds. Most of the time you were ugly and mean to him. What kind of loving wife tells her husband to go away and never come back? Well don’t worry about him anymore, because he’ll die the minute that door on that stupid chamber opens.”

Surprise caught James off guard as Albus ran full force into his big brother and the two began tumbling over each other and fighting with their fists. Just then powerful hands grabbed handfuls of shirts of the two brothers and they were lifted off their feet and pulled apart from each other.

Harry spoke quietly saying, “I’m going to put you down and you’re going to talk like loving brothers instead of mortal enemies. And then, James, you’re going to apologize for being a bully to your sister. After that you are going to go to your Mum and ask her to forgive you for being disrespectful and show her the magazine she wanted to see that you’re looking at. Then finally you will apologize to our friends you treated so rudely. I’m going to go upstairs and take a shower and when I come back down here I better find everyone being civil to each other. James, you and I have something to settle and be thinking of what kind of punishment you deserve for your mouth at Hogwarts and here at home since you got home.”

He looked into the eyes of his sons and they looked back still in shock that he was out of the chamber and looking better than they ever remembered seeing him. Harry put the boys on their feet and since they just stood there looking at him he put his hands on their shoulders and turned them toward each other. He looked at Ginny and his friends and said, “I’ll be back down after my shower; I haven’t had one in four months.” His eyes made quick contact with John. John had told Harry he would be back to check on him from time to time when he was permitted to do so and that he loved him too. Harry nodded his head once and then his eyes lingered on Ginny for an instant and then he went up the steps to take care of his needs.

When he came down from his shower he cleared his throat and asked if he could join the powwow. They weren’t whispering so he knew they weren’t talking badly about him. They all turned and went to him excitedly. Ginny hugged him and kissed him and laid her head on his chest. Then the kids stood close in wont of their turn. Ginny pulled away from Harry and the kids crowded in wanting his attention and to give him their love. Harry was quiet and voiced only a few words to each of them. Then Carson came to him followed by the rest of the team.

“I’ve got to say, Harry, we are all quite surprised that you are out on your own and appearing so healthy. Is this real; do you mind if I run some scans?”

Harry gently pulled away from his kids and asked what he wanted him to do. “Just hold up your shirt so I can see where you were knifed and then I want to see your head where your skull was crushed.”

Harry un-tucked his shirt to pull it up some, but Ginny magiced it off. Carson smiled as Harry flinched with the disappearance of his shirt and his face turned red for a second, but he didn’t say anything and stood still for Carson to scan, poke and prod all he wanted to. Carson ran his scans and then looked closely at his knife wound that was completely healed. He looked at Harry’s skull and found it completely healed as well. He studied his readings from the scan and then finally said, “I will always be amazed at your abilities, son. You are perfectly healthy and fit except for-”

Harry pulled away and said, “Thank you, Carson; that will do.”

Just then Winky walked into the room and Harry’s eyes followed her to the kitchen. She asked how many places to set for the dinner table and Harry answered, “Ten, Winky.”

Winky stopped and turned and ran to Harry; her arms held in front of her and huge tears falling to the floor from her eyes. “Master Harry, you are free of the chamber. Nobody told me they were letting you out early. Is it safe for you to be out here?”

Harry knelt down on one knee and quietly talked to her for a minute. She hugged him and he returned a hug and then she said she was going to fix his favorite meal at her house and then bring it up when it was done so she didn't interfere with family time. He thanked her and said he looked forward to eating it.

“Love, how did you get out and a month early at that?” asked Ginny.

Harry stood up and went to the window to look out. He would love to go out and breathe in the warm summer air and smell the fragrance of the beautiful flowers that were thriving in the gardens provided for them to boast their beauty. There was so much beauty outside it made Harry sorry he had to talk about the ugliness that forced him to speed up his recovery time.

He started speaking without turning at first so he wouldn’t have to see the reactions to what he had to tell them. “I could see everything that was in front of me, and I could hear everything because when I made the chamber a long time ago I fixed speakers into it so I could hear the voices of the people I love more than life.”

There it was; Harry had expected this; the collective gasps from Ginny, James, and Lily. Albus had never done anything but talk to his dad everyday about things he did and how he couldn't wait for him to get out of the chamber. He said he had things ready to help him if he needed it. He had always felt that he could still talk to his dad and although he didn’t know he could hear him he felt better after his one sided conversations with him.

“Thank you, Albus for putting the dark film over the chamber’s window. The sun was a problem for me since I couldn’t close my eyes from its brightness.”

Harry turned around and looked over his family. He crossed his arms and balled his hands into fists. But then he felt the sun beating in on his back; it felt good to him and he began to relax his fists and muscles. He looked at his wife and sorrow filled her eyes. He held out an arm to her. She went to him and he folded her into his arms and held her to him and she surrendered her emotions; sobbing into his chest. “I hope you know that no matter what I said I have always loved you. And I need you now more than ever. I don’t know how to deal with everything. The things I said to you were terrible, but it helped me to get things off my chest to get me through the day.”

Harry looked at her not with judgmental eyes but compassionate eyes. “We’ll work everything out, Gin,” he told her softly.

He reached for his shirt but she didn’t notice because she was headed for her daughter to see what was wrong. Harry looked over at Lily and though his eyes showed disappointment he smiled kindly and said, “Thank you, Darling Angel for painting the things that lighten your heart on the chamber window. Your flowers, butterflies, birds, and rainbows kept me company through deep depression I was fighting. The things you complained about that you blamed me for worried me because you wanted to make sure I didn’t forget by painting those scary snakes, bees, and black stars in the sunny sky. I hope we can talk soon. You did say that if I lived you wanted to have a few choice words with me; so whenever you’re ready is fine with me.”

Lily stared at her dad but couldn’t find the words to say about the horrid things she told him when she thought nobody especially him could hear. After a few minutes of her silence he looked at James. The boy stared back defiantly and then Harry said, “I believe the words you used were, “I could beat him on his best day with one hand behind my back.” Well come on ahead, son. Come on get over here and beat me. I’ll let you use both hands though because that was after all just part of a saying, right?”

James didn’t move but his anger built inside him. Harry recognized this anger as the same as when he destroyed Dumbledore’s office in his fifth year at Hogwarts. He kept his eyes on his son’s eyes and walked to him like he was getting ready to fight the enemy. James became afraid but held his ground. Harry’s eyes didn’t show any emotion which made him look even more formidable.

“Come on, son. You wanted to show me what a man you are by; let’s see if I can quote you again, correct me if I remembered incorrectly, “If you weren’t in that chamber I’d show you what a man I am and beat you to a pulp.” That’s right isn’t it? Did I remember correctly?”

James nodded his head and looked over at his mom who was crying. He started to say something to her but Harry said, “Men don’t cry to their Mum for help, son. Wipe your eyes and get busy giving me that beating. I hope you’re well rested though because it’ll take quite a bit of that beating to reduce me to pulp.”

James stood there and did just then realize tears were falling down his cheeks. This infuriated him and he clenched his hands into fists. Carson said, “Harry, you-”

“Never mind, Carson, leave us be.”

John stepped forward and said, “Harry, maybe you should just talk to James. He’s just a kid and you love him. Your job is to teach him and protect him.”

Harry still kept his eyes on his son and ignored John because James was showing signs of attack. All the years playing pranks on each other and strategizing against the other proved James to be a fighter to respect. Of course their play time never brought anger or fist fights, but now James wasn’t pulling a prank and Harry would need to be careful to keep his son from hurting him. He wouldn’t raise a hand against him and he wouldn’t use magic on him or against him. Harry could see the pain in his son these months watching and listening to him. Harry didn’t want to make his son’s pain worse by James hurting him; but using magic in anger is something James needed to see the consequences of.

Suddenly Harry saw a quick flick of James’s eye to the left of Harry and then James jumped at Harry as if he was going to attack him. Harry reached out with his left hand and caught a small marble statue of a horse that would have hit him on the side of his head. And with his right hand he put his hand on James’s shoulder and eased his son away from him. He sat the statue down noticing James had transformed it to rubber.

James kept up his attacks each one failing and Harry stopping him with a loving hand and gently pushing him backward. James screamed at him; calling him a coward and to fight back. So then each time Harry stopped him from getting to him he picked up his son and tossed him onto soft furniture, the cushy chairs he and Ginny sat in on either side of the fireplace, other soft chairs or the sofa, the love seat, and then finally the couch.

Then when all the furniture was destroyed Harry said, “That was a poor move strategically, son. You’ve busted up all your soft landings.”

James said, “I don’t care, you’re about to tire out and fall to the floor begging me to stop.”

“Oh, and that is when you plan to beat me to a pulp then? When I'm worn out and begging for mercy?”

James screamed at him to shut up and fight back. So Harry stopped him again and again and again; each time the boy landing on his backside from Harry shoving him away. James anger was boiling inside him to such a hot temperature that he started losing control. Harry saw it and said, “You need to stop now, James and just talk to me before you hurt someone.”

“I want to hurt you!” he screamed and started waving his arms around wildly. Harry quickly put up a protection barrier around everyone and knocked away books, fireplace tools, pictures off the walls, and then Banner flew at him. Harry knew he couldn’t knock him away because it could seriously hurt the half grown puppy. Harry caught the puppy as he was trying to twist around in air to land on something and his four paws cut into Harry’s jaw, neck, chest and arms. Harry saw the alarm on James’s face and saw that he tried to target the puppy to land him safely but couldn’t aim well enough to control his aim before Banner was caught by Harry.

Harry put the puppy down and he ran to Albus. Harry lifted the protection barrier for the puppy to get to his master and then Harry put up the barrier again. Harry walked menacingly to James and stopping in arms length of the boy he said, “You pretty much destroyed our living room, and you still haven’t beat me to a pulp yet. Show me what a man you are. What’s holding you up? I’ll swing first then okay? Then you can say you had to be a man and protect yourself. Ready?”

Harry was so fast James didn’t have time to move, but Harry didn’t hit him he put his finger on James’s nose and pushed him back hard enough James fell on his backside again. “If you want to fight, get up and fight. But if you want to talk then I’ll be happy to talk.”

James jumped up and started hitting Harry as hard as he could with his fists. He mostly hit him in the stomach but he hit his jaws and ribs a few times too. Harry didn’t raise a hand to fight back or try to stop him. Tears were now streaming down James’s face and Harry caught his fists and held them in his hands gently. “Are you ready to talk yet, son? He asked quietly with a bloody lip.”

“NO!" screamed James, and started hitting his father again. “You won’t listen so there isn’t any use in trying to talk to you! So I’m just going to keep doing this until I die.”

Harry gently caught his son’s flying fists again and said, “Ah, so there’s the rub. I can’t let you kill yourself. Now we do it my way; we talk like men are supposed to do to settle an issue. What are you talking about? You said I don’t listen to you.”

James didn’t try to pull his hands away from his father. His father looked lethal with just his eyes looking into his. He quite wondered if maybe he was looking into his mind with Legilimency so he thought of every nasty word he had ever heard and didn’t see any change in his dad so he figured he wasn’t looking into him. He thought that was decent of him. James was terrified but somehow he felt comfort being so close to his dad and with his hands enveloped in his dad’s surprisingly gentle hands. He stood staring into Harry’s eyes his face wet with tears. Finally he spoke with heartbreak in his voice. “Back in February after you left to go to Atlantis we, me and Al,” Lily corrected him and James sighed and said, “Al and I got an Owl saying that you and Mum had another fight and she kicked you out of the house and you hadn’t been heard from since. We wrote home and Mum explained that you guys had planned on going to our vacation cottage for you to heal properly away from everyone but she forgot it was that day and you had to go without her and Lily. She said she would explain more when we came home for the summer holiday. She also said not to accept messages from owls we didn’t recognize. Then someone approached me at school by the lake, and said I was going to pay for stealing his girl. He drew his wand on me and you said you would come to us if ever we needed you; for us to just call you with our heart and you’d be there. Well this kid kept trying to curse me and I was able to dodge them all but then he was using the Avada Kedavra and he kept missing so I called you but you didn’t come. I had to rely on my luck and barely got away alive. And then from then on kids turned against me because I only got a tongue lashing instead of being expelled from school for what I did. I was stupid at first, mouthing off saying he deserved what happened to him, but I got in trouble by McGonagall,”

“Professor McGonagall,” corrected Harry gently.

“Yes sir, she screamed at me and said if I didn’t straighten up I’d be in hot water. The thing is I didn’t do anything it was a freak of nature. A-”

“Bolt of lightning came out of nowhere and hit the tree limb and it broke off and fell on the boy. He was pinned there until Hagrid and his wife-”

“Yes sir, they both came running out of their cottage and then left immediately for their vacation after they got the git to the Hospital Wing. They were late for the train. But hang on, how did you know about the details? I didn’t tell anyone, not even Mum because everyone is afraid of me now. Hogwarts isn’t fun anymore.”

Harry said, “I know about it because I was fighting the entity in space when you called me. I went to Hogwarts and told Hagrid and his wife to look outside right then and out of curiosity of why the computer would talk to them in my voice they looked out and saw the boy casting the Avada Kedavra curse over and over. I messed up his aim with my electric ambiance but I couldn’t take a chance on one of the curses hitting someone in the area so I caused the lightning bold to break the tree limb and fall on the 7th year boy. I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you, but I couldn’t get out of the electric energy I was existing as and I couldn’t stay because the entity was looking for me. I didn’t want it to find me at Hogwarts. When I went back to the Pegasus Galaxy I found it in the computer network in Atlantis causing all kinds of havoc and anomalies. I lured it back out into space and continued the fight out there.”

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