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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
"I'm sure you can bring Cosmos with you as well" Dorian said as he crossed his arms over each other and nodded his head matter of factly. "But don't quote me on that though" he added with a sheepish laugh. "I think you have told me that before. Purple is my favorite color so that's why i chose it"

While Lamb was busy showing off by walking inbetween his legs and purring, Dorian stopped petting him and looked up at Rylee with a kind of sparkle in his eyes. " My muggle neighbour friend showed me a video of a cat fetching objects like a dog. It was weirdly funny. Although now that i think about perhaps the cat was actually a kneazle....but can Lamb do tricks?" He patted his lap as he tried to get Lamb to jump on it.

It made sense that Rylee had been learning French because her friends lived there. But he wondered why they were going to Beauxbaton. Ilvermorny would have been an more obvious choice as they also spoke English. Perhaps it was because Beauxbaton was closer by? "Benji? " he thought for a moment but no face came to his mind. "Do i know him?" The name did ring a bell though. He just couldn't place it. "Speaking of Beauxbaton, i wonder how the castle will look like, i heard they have a magnificent garden" Although he wanted to finish his graduation year at Hogwarts, he was lying if he said that he wasn't at least a bit curious about Beauxbaton.

Dorian did not dislike hugs. He liked them in fact. They were comforting but at the same time he never knew how to react. Which resulted in him awkwardly standing or sitting there while his brain was screamnig at him to hug back cause that was the normal thing to do, his body would move too late and the hugs he would recieve from others were already over. His brain worked pretty fast but when it came to physical contact he was slow. He was glad that Rylee did not notice though. Or perhaps she had and she ignored it which was probably the highest possibility.

Be himself? He laughed at this. "You sure you want that? i mean, even i get tired of myself sometimes" he said with a small grin on his face. He got what she meant though and he appreciated her words of encouragment. "Thanks, Rylee" he knew he could count on a friend like her. "Anna would be the obvious choice yes" he said as he thought. "But the Head Girl doesn't have to have been a Prefect to get chosen. I wasn't a Prefect so maybe the Head Girl is also someone who hasn't had a badge before" he was thinking out loud by now.
"I have to contact the our CoMC professor and get permission to bring him. Since he's a full bred kneazle he had to remain in the barn last term..." She smiled softly. "So I'm not entirely sure of the requirements and restrictions and things over at Beauxaton. I bet Cos would love it though." A new place to explore was always fun. Rylee nodded. "It's mine too." The color purple, that is.

Rylee giggled. "Not really? I mean if you toss something for him to play with he'll run after it but he doesn't exactly bring it back to you." Lamb was more of a cuddlebug of a cat. "He really tries to play but being he's small he has trouble keeping up at times." Being a Munchkin cat made Lamb smaller than the average cat but that didn't stop him one bit. Lamb watched Dorian curiously as he patted his lap, crouched down and wiggled his furry bottom right before attempting his leap! Sure he didn't quite make it onto the boys lap but he was close, right there pulling himself up onto the bench with Rylee's assistance now lol.

"Uh-huh. Or Benny. Whichever," she shrugged. In her eyes he was Benji and probably always would be. "Uhhhh... I don't know? He's twelve and attends Beauxaton." Not to mention he lived in Paris. "I know! I can't wait to see it! Benji says it's absolutely gorgeous and it's something you have to see with your own eyes." Her love for Herbology had her hoping it was as lovely as she had been told.

This being Rylee, who was very much a hugger the somewhat lack of hugging back from her friend didn't matter. She had completely assumed that the reasoning behind it was because she had surprised him and nothing more.

His comment had her giggling now. "Mhmm. You put up with me so I'm positive I can handle whatever you dish my way." She smiled. "You're welcome, Dorian." Anna would be a great choice in her eyes but that didn't mean it would be so. "Oh, I know. My sisters friend and our pets healer was Head Girl when she was at Hogwarts and she hadn't been a Prefect either."

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