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Originally Posted by MunchyBubbles View Post
Speaking of things that Orion was unimpressed with.. here came one of them.

Carsyn was one of those people who kept trying to convince him that Hufflepuff was all rainbows and sunshine and just the absolute best place to be, just because her twin happened to be in the house.

Which was all lovely and nice and good for her twin. He was sure she adored it and was perfect and all that jazz.

But. Not. For. Him.

It was okay to have opinions, people had them all the time and it was fine.. and you didn’t need to convince them that their opinion was wrong. All you had to do was stay in your lane and smile and change the subject.. but no. He got pumpkin juice dumped on him.

“I like black. ” Was all he said as he looked at her from under his hoodie. And cooling charms existed.
It wasn't that it was the best place to be. Orion got that wrong. If she wanted to convince him of the best place to be, that was OBVIOUSLY Gryffindor. But what she was trying to do was to get him to accept his sorting. The sorting hat placed him as a Hufflepuff, obviously not for his rosy disposition, but for some reason or other. Loyalty, perhaps?

She snickered, unwilling to let go on the subject. Especially when he made it SO easy. "Convenient then that black is one of your house colors." See. Hufflepuff.
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