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Challenge #2
September 1st is Approaching

Hogwarts is approaching and the summer hols are nearly over! What are you bringing to Hogwarts? What is the one thing you cannot do without? Perhaps it's a pet or maybe a favorite jumper. Show us your amazing items that you cannot go to Hogwarts without!

You can use anything you wish to make it from, whether it's a something made of clay, something sewn, or even baked! Have fun and think outside the box!!

Once you have finished it, take a picture and post it here in the thread. Feel free to ask any questions here as well or tell each other what you loved about what they made!

You do not have to make only one, if you feel creative still feel free to make as many as you wish!

All SS rules apply!
1. no double posting or spamming the thread
2. Picture must be no larger than 450x350 - 60 kb
3. No hot linking. Pictures must be from your own postimg, imgur or something similar, account.

Next Challenge will be up
Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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