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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. It means so much to me that you read my ff. Thank you so much. I hope you like this new chapter.

sweetpinkpixie: Hey there! Thanks for reading and and commenting too!
Okay. Connie. Help me out here where do you come up with some of your ideas where do you draw inspiration from for these stories
My ideas are inspired from imagination. I wanted to keep Harry the same as he is in the books. I didn't read Pottermore or whatever that is and none of the other books, plays, and movies was even heard of yet when I started writing these stories. I figured that Dumbledore was the most powerful wizard of all time and he knew Harry would be more powerful than him; so I developed him to be more powerful than we last knew of Harry Potter. And with him being so young I had to keep increasing his power because there wouldn't be much of a story if there wasn't anymore evil to fight against. I combined Harry Potter with characters from my favorite shows, Statgate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. The characters in these shows encounter many dangers and aliens so I use them to give me more room to work different plots to conquer. And I write Harry and John dealing with perilous storylines because the director of the series in a behind the scenes commentary said that the writers for the shows has to put the hero in peril often because that is what keeps people watching the show. The Wraith, Replicators, oh! and the energy in the computers too belongs to the writers of the two Stargate series, but the other villains are mine. Harry transforms, umm wait a minute. I can't say much about the energy stuff because that is in the next two chapters. I just introduced it in this one. I hope that answers your questions. The Stargate franchise is owned by MGM or it was before they went bankrupt and sold off loads of stuff. Sorry, I didn't mean to write a book here, I just wanted to make sure I answered your questions. I hope you enjoy this new chapter.

Chapter 4

Too Much Of A Good Thing

When Harry got home he parked his car in the garage and walked into the house. It was empty and cold. He went upstairs and changed into comfortable clothes and went back down to fix lunch. First he went in his study and did something for a couple minutes on his computer. His pain was nearly unbearable and he knew he had to eat and rest before he had another electrical short-circuit. He thought about calling Winky but was afraid his current state of fulgurate like energy would kill her if he short circuited. He was surprised Ginny wasn’t doing school with Lily and decided she was probably excited to get her hair cut and went to get that done and would do Lily’s school later. He looked out the patio sliding doors to where the Puddle jumper had been parked. If it was still there it would be invisible and that could have been a bit of hope for Harry that John was still there, but he somehow knew John was gone like he said he would be. He moaned holding his head and stomach. He tried to get some food and fell to the floor writhing and twitching in pain. He took some deep breaths and somehow got to his feet and then opened the refrigerator. He held his head and leaned on the counter when he found the refrigerator empty. ‘Why did I think I would be able to fix breakfast this morning when I got home from sleeping in the cave?’

His breathing was desperate and his pulse was erratic. He licked his lips and felt his mouth and eyes getting dry. He felt his forehead and determined he was burning up not with fever, but electric energy taking over his body. “Think Harry. Why did you think you could fix breakfast this morning? … “Because John was drinking coffee and he turned down the invitation to have breakfast with me and Ginny. I wasn’t thinking correctly when I got here.” He looked around and saw the house cozy and warm whereas when he got home he thought it was cold and empty. He turned to the refrigerator again knowing there would be food in it. He reached for it but it seemed to be too far away. His legs refused to move him forward and then his knees buckled and he fell to the floor.

He didn’t dare try to use magic because he knew it was used up just getting cleaned up earlier. Trying to use what he didn’t have would create more energy within him to burn up and he’d start turning transparent again. He closed his eyes since the blink of an eye would be enough to exhaust any magic he had building within him. After a minute he had recovered enough to slow his breathing drastically slow and slow his heart rate to a dangerously slow rhythm.

Harry tried not to think of Ginny and how much he loved her. But, then, trying not to think of her made him think of her more. He would miss her beautiful long hair; his life force.

After the third hour when he was so far gone he couldn’t hold on any longer he opened his eyes for one more glimpse of the life he was leaving. Sadness filled his heart and pain overwhelmed his body and though he tried his best to hang on to life he couldn’t and so he slowly drifted away from living. He had done all he could to hang on while he was drifting away. He was alone as he was much of his life and found it odd that not even Death came to be with him in his time of need. His eyes didn’t close, but they didn’t see feet in military boots running to him. He couldn’t hear his name being called. He didn’t feel an explosion of pain all over his body when he was moved onto his back and a needle plunge into a vein in his arm. He didn’t smell what he always called the essence of Ginny when she knelt on the floor beside him trying to stop the bleeding from his torso. Not much blood was coming from it even though it was open and had been bleeding badly. The same was with his open wound on his skull. Because nearly all his blood was on the floor where he was lying, his body temperature was abnormally cold, but he didn’t feel the cold. He didn’t feel an incision being made and a feeding tube pushed directly into his stomach. Moments later the tube was pulled out and the incision was healed with magic. Suddenly his body began to respond to the critical and over the top extreme treatment it was given. The needle in his arm was quickly removed and leads to his heart were removed. He screamed with the renewed pain over his body and shook with trauma. He heard voices too far away to understand what was being said or who was saying it. He blinked several times to clear his eyes and at the same time he could smell Ginny close by. He held out his hand to her though he was shaking uncontrollably and then let his hand fall for lack of strength. He became aware of John grabbing his hand and his other hand on his shoulder. Harry moved his head slightly to see him and when their eyes locked a slight smile formed on Harry’s lips. John began to speak to him.

“When you left I went back to Atlantis and got Carson. I took Ginny and Lily with me in case you didn’t get Hermione to turn on her computer to watch the video and read the article you wrote. I didn’t want to take a chance on someone getting to Ginny and Lily. Sorry it took so long. Between Ginny and I describing what we saw he was able to work up a plan to help you. I can explain more later, but right now we need to get you back to Atlantis so we can-”

Harry pointed to his study and said, “Stasis chamber.”

Carson moved into Harry’s view and said, “Harry, will it protect your house and family if you short out?”

Harry said it would, that everyone would be safe. “Hurry though, its building up and you won’t be safe to touch me.”

Ginny suddenly was over his face and bent down to kiss him. Her hair fell over his face when she raised up and he took in her beauty. “I’m sorry you didn’t get to cut your hair yet. Do you think you could save me a locket of it?” He was trying to hold back his cries of pain that was wracking his body with every movement made. Carson and John helped him to his feet. He was barely able to stay conscious but he fought to do so. “HURRY!” he half screamed.

They took off running, holding Harry’s arms over their shoulders practically dragging Harry because he was unable to stay on his feet. When they got to the chamber Ginny opened the door and they unceremoniously shoved him inside. They turned him around so he could look out the window. John kept his hand on him to keep him from falling out and Harry said, “Let me out in three months.”

John nodded once and removed his hand and they quickly shut the door before Harry fell out. His head fell forward hitting the glass door. The pain was too great for Harry to hold back any longer and he yelled; the sound absorbed in the chamber and the tears rolling down his face froze without falling. He closed his mouth and straightened up and looked straight ahead. It was as though he turned into a statue. Harry succumbed to the enchantment of the machine prepared for three months.

After Carson and John called Jack to give him their progress report they went into the living room where Ginny and Lily were huddled on the couch wrapped up in each other’s arms. They looked like frighten kittens and were just as skittish. They jumped when a log in the fireplace popped and shifted sending hundreds of sparks up the chimney.

John and Carson sat on the coffee table in front of the couch and said they could take some time to explain anything they could if they had questions. Lily and Ginny both started talking at the same time and asked question after question without giving the two friends time to answer even the first one.

“Hang on; we can only answer one at a time. Lily closed her mouth knowing it would be her mom who got to ask the first question. Ginny squeezed Lily gently and said, “I think we both want to know everything. Could you just tell us instead of us asking questions?”

Carson said they could try that, but he assured them there were some things that Harry would have to be the one to answer about those things. “I’ll give it a go first and John can add anything he wants if he knows I’ve left anything out.”

“Let’s go into the study to show you what we did with him,” suggested John since Lily wasn't in the study when they put her daddy in the stasis chamber. They went into the study and Lily turned into John and started to cry. He hugged her to him and said, “It looks worse than it is. This is actually a good thing.”

Lily slowly turned back to look at her daddy and said, “You can start telling us what you know now. Can you start with how this is a good thing?”

John and Carson smiled kindly and began explaining starting with John. “Right now, he is-”

Ginny asked if he was in pain like he looks and then jumped as Harry’s computer came on and spoke to her in his voice. They all went to the desk and watched Harry giving a message to Ginny and Lily.

“If you’re watching this I’m sure things didn’t work out well for me. I want you to understand that I had to go to work to make sure Hermione watched the video and the message I left her on her computer. It would have happened last night from this computer if she watched it, but she didn’t so I had to go to work to make sure she watched it. The lives of countless people depended on her going to that link because that is how I set up the hoax breaker. It had to be this way because it would have been impossible to go to every witch and wizard on Earth to Obliviate their memory of the hoax. And she had to be the one to send the link out from her computer because the hoax was part of an artificial intelligence that connected to her when she touched her computer keyboard. After she did this she was back to her wonderful self and didn’t know she was the cause of the hoax or was the one who infected the internet. If I had made it through this whole nightmare the damage would have been mostly contained but some of the damage will be irreparable. Maybe that can be the good thing that comes from this; I won’t live with constantly looking over my shoulder for the next assassin who ignored the cancellation of the contract. Please don’t tell Hermione or treat her any differently. The hoax that was in her computer affected her in a negative way. It caused her to be overbearing, hurtful, and unlikable. But she is cured of that now and it would do much harm to her if she knew what she had done. She told me to go home after I looked in on my Aurors which is what I planned on doing all along. I also tried to get someone to help me for when I got home because I didn’t think you two would be able to do everything I needed and I couldn’t call Winky because it would have killed her. I failed to get the help I needed so this is what I get for my failure. What happened to me started on Atlantis. I had to go to make sure the Atlantis Expedition found the new Galaxy in time. The thing is, Hermione had triggered the hoax that the intelligence of the man Altimore (the man who created the Ice Giant, but not the very first one) created. He existed as an entity of pure energy that could move about through space and occupy networking from computers. It was looking for replicators that were in the new Galaxy so it could take the body of one of them. This would have been the end of humanity if he had been successful. But, I didn’t know about the hoax then and it was already affecting people. Some of them very nearly killed me, but I survived. I had to think fast and I was already severely wounded. A report went back to Earth where the hoax then traveled to Atlantis on the streams of communication that can go both ways through a worm hole. When that report went through I made a decision to do something I wasn’t sure I would be capable of doing. I converted all my energy within me including my magic to pure energy. While I existed in that form I didn’t need food or water, or sleep. My body like my clothes would eventually wear out and if that happened then I wouldn’t be able to return. I tried my best to destroy the entity in time to come back to convert into my corporeal body. When I finally destroyed the entity and got back to Atlantis I was nearly expired. Although putting me in the ocean normally heals me, it brought on an overload in my electrical system. It had to be done to heal me enough to be able to build up my body with nourishment and magic. The only magic I have is within me and I have to use it to constantly try to keep my electrical system from taking over. I needed to bring the electric in me down to normal by not using magic and not expending too much effort, and build the rest of me up by eating and drinking water, and resting every few minutes. Which brings me to the conclusion of this video: I have either failed to make this happen before I short circuited or I was able to get enough nourishment in me and the rest I got from sitting here was enough, I put myself in the stasis chamber or a life saver did it for me, and my computer came on from the voice activation of the older of you two women so you could follow the instructions. If I am alive in three months from today get me out. This pod isn’t healing me, but it is set up to orientate my body’s system to function normally. It will take three months to do this. I will need to have emergency surgery on my head and torso. And I’m sure I will be hungry and tired. I would love to see you two and our wonderful sons. Please explain… to James why I missed his birthday and I’ll do my best to make it up to him. And I hope the boys don’t hold it against me for once again not being there to pick them up from King’s Cross and that I will miss some of their holiday from Hogwarts. Please tell James I heard him and did what he needed from me.”

The computer shut off and they all looked at each other and then at Harry in the stasis chamber. John said, “I guess we don’t have to explain anything, unless you have questions.”

“Why will he need to eat and drink after his emergency surgery? He said the machine brings his body to normal.”

Carson said, “That’s true, Lassie, but by the end of three months, his enchantment on the machine will expire because he couldn’t afford to use any more magic to make it last longer.”

Ginny said, “I wonder who he tried to get to help him but they wouldn’t.” She looked at John; her eyes imploring him not to be the one he had counted on for help but was turned down.

John felt a sting of guilt because he knew Harry was hurt that he told him he was going home. John was afraid he was the cause Harry fell into the state of funk he was in about living and dying. But unbeknownst to Harry, this was why he went to get Carson.

Lily looked up from something in her hand and said, “I think it was Uncle Ron. Daddy’s phone merged with his phone this morning. He sent it the link on Hermione’s computer just before he left for home. I compared it to the time stamp on his GPS.”

When they looked at her with obvious surprise that she knew how to do that she giggled and said, “His phone was there on his desk and he taught me how to do that a long time ago. The app is on all our phones and the boys know how to do it too.”

“But why don’t I know? Why didn’t he tell me? And it better not be because he was trying to protect me either!”

Lily said, “Mum, he did try to teach you. I was there for three of the times he tried to teach you. You were very impatient and told him you didn’t need to know how to use it and to stop bothering you with it. But then you kissed him and sweetly said you just had too many other things to deal with and maybe later you would have him teach you.”

John was relieved it wasn’t him who Harry had been counting on for help, but felt bad for Ginny for the guilt he knew she was feeling. The worst thing for John was that he wanted to go to Ron and find out why he wouldn't help Harry when he asked for help but he wouldn't know now that Harry had asked him for help; plus he knew Harry wouldn't want him to do it anyway.
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