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"What are you doing here? You know we aren't supposed to be. Plus you should be swimming Come on Cuz, let's go." He grabbed her by the arm and started to move away from the room. If he was going to be stuck with his family he at least wanted to have some fun.

"You know it's my birthday so you better have gotten me something.'

She wanted to sigh watching him, the family got to him or maybe she was just not the family. She hated the thoughts, years of feeling like an outsider with her thoughts. She'd like to go back in time and speak to Vic see what she was thinking when she had left. She knew no one spoke of that member, but she wondered if she might have been more like her then her own mother.

That was a thought that wasn't going to go anywhere, Vic was dead along with the others and this, this was her life. She'd have to figure things out and not let on anything but the Blaze way. 'Yes, you are probably right. They wouldn't miss a meeting." She hesitated with the thought of what the meeting might do to the group. The letter she held it was something she was sure had to be a mistake.

"Oh what is that?" Looking up at him she wondered what he was deciding on.

He had slipped in as the conversation was going and he did hear his brother make a comment about a decision, but he figured it would be told since Brooke asked what it was so Eddie just took a seat and stayed quiet as always. He had things to do and potions to make, plus Farah was expecting him later. He'd be gone for a few days to head towards her college.
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