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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
"Lamb?" he repeated and look down at the cat as it came closer to his hand. " That is a really cute name" he said truthfully and scratched the cat behind its ear.

It didn't came as a surprise that Rylee would enjoy going to Beauxbaton. He himself was a bit worried about it. And not just because of the language barrier... " I think that just the basic words and sentences will be enough to survive" He laughed.

He took his hand back and reached inside of his bag where his new yet old cloak was in and pulled out a liquorice wand. He put one in his mouth and held up the other. "Want one?" he asked.

"So, something else happened a few weeks ago when I got my Hogwarts letter..." he had been wanting to tell someone about this but he was too afraid it would sound like he was bragging. But Rylee was a friend and he should tell his friends first. "They gave me a Head Boy badge..." he trailed off. "Do you think I will be the first hogwarts Head Boy at Beauxbaton?" probably not but if it were true.... He took another bite from the liquorice.
"Mhmm," Rylee hummed softly. "Thanks! When I first got him he was really small and all fluffy. He reminded me of a tiny lamb." Truth. Cue the instant purring of Lamb and pressing his furry self into Dorian's hand. "I think he likes you." She laughed.

"If that's all you want to know I'm positive I can help you learn some." She had a good feeling that Dorian wasn't the only one that was going to need some help with the language.

Rylee nodded accepting the offer of a liquorice wand. "Thank you." Takes the offered one from him. "Would you like a sugar quill?" Always has some with her, not including recently when they hadn't been able to get owls or leave Hogwarts. That had been a disaster she is more than happy to forget.

The almost sixth year turned all her attention onto her friend. "Oh?" What happened?! Rylee's eyes went wide and she smiled brightly. "Head Boy! That's amazing, Dorian!" Better believe she was hugging him for this news! "You're going to be great." And she wasn't just saying that because they were friends either. She honestly knew that he would do a splendid job. Rylee considered his question for a moment. "I really don't know but even if you're not it's still pretty cool." At least in her eyes it is.

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