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Default Office of Professor Schmoe

If one were to walk a few paces to the right of the class bulletin board, they'd find a completely repurposed broom closet which now serves as home to Professor Schmoe's Office. Once you've been welcomed in, you'll notice two things. First, the ceiling. It is LOW, you may need to watch your head. So, y'know, it may be wise to duck. Second, the closet office is quite stuffy.... And damp.

Look, Schmoe doesn't love it either, but it's what we've got.

Your professor has managed to fit a small wooden desk at one end of the closet office, on top of which there is always a mess of books, papers, a framed photo of Alina, and random muggle gadgets 'n gizmos. Puzzles! Rubik cubes! Fidget spinners! It's all there (even if the mess prohibits you from seeing it). Next to the door are two small, fold-out chairs. And on the wall there is a single, moving cat-clock, whose ticking echoes quite loudly in the small space.

If you'd fancy a chat, just knock on the door!
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