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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Who knew that shopping for school supplies with his little sister and father could be so hard, frustrating and not to mention irritating? His sister was starting Hogwarts and needed stuff he got that, but he needed new stuff too. Like a new wand for instance since his had broken in two this summer. His father wasnít listening to that ear right now though so Cole decided to take a long breather from family shopping instead of arguing and thus he headed for one of his favourite shops in the alley; quality quidditch supplies. His father had given him some pocket money to spend, but sadly not on a new broom. How long was he supposed to ride on his grandfatherís ancient broom?

Pushing those thoughts aside the blond and blue-eyed thirteen going on fourteen year old turned the door handle and stepped into the shop. Knowing the shop quite well Cole made his way quickly between the shelves over to the memorabilia section to look at the team posters. He wanted a new tornados poster. Reaching up on his tip toes to get the poster Cole didnít see that he at the same time knocked into the bag of marbles on one of the lower shelves. As Cole stepped back with the poster in hand happily he watched with fascination and confusion how marbles started to fall down noisily from the shelf above him and scatter all over the floor around him.. Oops! Had he caused that? Had the shopkeeper heard?
Carsyn was fully determined that this was going to be the year that she made Gryffindor Seeker. Okay, so she'd seen the copy of the Prophet that they were going to be headed to Beauxbatons in September, but that didn't mean they'd cancel quidditch, RIGHT??? The French still played quidditch, didn't they? First stop on her supply list was to select a few books to give pointers on how to be the best seeker.

"Coleeee... you better not be thinking of trying out for my position!" Just so that was clear. She grinned at the familiar housemate, as she glanced around to see the shopkeeper and a small girl there (did she look that small at eleven? Honestly, Carsyn could hardly recall)
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