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Hey Guys, sorry about being late to post this. I'd like to tell you to not get old, because time gets away from us and makes us wish we hadn't made the mistake in thinking, 'I need to post my chapter, but I can do it later,' but later comes and goes without posting. Alas, even if I told you not to get old you still would. But, enjoy life and count your blessings. I hope you like this chapter. Please post a comment if you want to. Thank you for reading my ff.

Chapter 3

The Fix

Ron and Hermione turned suddenly and gasped in surprise. Their faces turned red with embarrassment and Harry walked over to them but stopped when he saw fear in Hermione’s eyes. He moved around them and set his water on the desk. He looked at Hermione and said, “Tell me what I need to do to make you trust I am your friend, Harry Potter.”

They were surprised that he wasn’t mad at them and only showed a small amount of pain. “Harry, we didn’t know you were here,” confessed Ron.

Harry looked sternly at him, not taking his eyes off of him, but he did have a small sad smile on his lips. “I figured that much out all by myself; thank you very much. But that doesn’t answer my question. What do I need to do to prove who I am?”

Hermione said, “There is nothing you can say or do that would prove to me that you are really our friend Harry.”

Ron told her to ask anyway. Harry looked sick and said, “I’m not going to like your questions am I?”

Hermione ignored him and said, “That year we were searching for the Horcruxes after Ron left where did we go on Christmas Eve?”

Harry swallowed and answered softly, “I wanted to go to Godric’s Hollow; to the cemetery… to see my parent’s grave. I was surprised when you said you thought we should go because every other time I suggested it you said you thought a trap would be lying in wait for us. But we went, although I soon realized that you didn’t go to help me find my parent’s grave; you wanted to find evidence of the Hallows.”

Hermione felt a bit of guilt remembering back and realizing that it had hurt Harry she didn’t go for his need, but for her own curiosity. She shoved her guilt to the side and said, “What did you say about how Nagini got in Bathilda’s house?”

Harry shook his head and said, “Can’t you ask me different questions…please?”

Hermione shook her head and told him to answer her. He spoke even more softly than before, the memory bothering him worse than he thought it would. “I didn’t tell you how she got there.”

Hermione pushed on, “That’s right; you didn’t tell me. Why didn’t you. Tell me now and I might believe you.”

Harry shook his head and held his stomach. His fast food breakfast wasn’t sitting well now. “You don’t need to know, and I don’t think you’d believe me if I did tell you.”

Ron said, “How did she get there, Harry?”

Harry glared at him and said, “Hermione had a lot of respect for Bathilda and she doesn’t need to know.”

Hermione stomped her foot and said, “Tell me!”

“Bathilda was right in front of me. Her head began tearing apart and Nagini came out of her decaying body.”

Harry looked away not wanting to see the horror on Hermione’s face. After a few seconds of silence he looked at her and asked if she was okay. Hermione said she was and started to ask him another question. “Who won the Tri Wizard Tournament?”

Harry backed away shaking his head, “Please don’t ask me to talk about that. As a friend, I’m bagging you to not make me talk about that.”

Hermione folded her arms in front of her and looked sternly at him. Harry gave in and under his breath said, “Cedric and I took the cup together.”

Hermione said, “Where did Dumbledore take you on the night he was murdered and what happened?”

Harry looked at her defiantly and said, “I’ve never told you where we went or what happened and I won’t tell you now either. It was private for him and I respect him too much to betray his privacy.”

Hermione continued unfazed asking questions, “What happened to Harry’s parents? How did they die? What happens to him when he gets close to a Dementor?

After answering her questions Harry rubbed his eyes as he turned away from them and said, “I have work to do. I don’t know what if anything you accomplished, but I’m done answering your questions. I don’t know what you had in mind because it wasn’t to find out if I am me. Some of the questions you asked you didn’t know anything about so how could you tell if I was telling the truth or not. I think you did it to be mean so you could see my reaction and hope I would turn blue and disappear. Rest assured, you were successful in making me wish I was never born. Now, you need to go to your office, Hermione and go to the link I gave you on your computer so we can get the Hoax taken care of.”

Ron interrupted Hermione starting to argue back. “I have a question for you.”

Harry looked at him feeling sorrowful that he doubted who he was when it sounded like he believed in him when they was talking before they knew he was there. “What is it, Captain?”

Ron was taken aback by the look on Harry’s face. He hated it when he was the reason to cause pain for Harry. But being his best friend, Harry never retaliated when he was angry or hurt over any issue. He either walked away and dealt with the issue later when he calmed down, or mended the problem with patience and love and gave him a lesson he needed to learn in the process.

Hermione broke in on his thoughts by nudging him and telling him to ask his question. He shook his head and said he didn’t need to. “I believe he is our best friend Harry Potter.” Hermione said they wasn’t leaving until he asked so Ron gave in and asked his question.

“Why did you give your earnings from the Tri Wizard Tournament to Fred and George instead of me, your best friend?”

With a constricted throat and his head thumping so hard; answering this question was particularly difficult. “You guys and especially Ginny are always mad at me for one thing or another but though the issues may be different you all have the same thing to say to hurt me. You’re always saying that I only think of myself which is far from truthful. But this one time it would have been the truth. You always let money come between us. Anytime I bought you something as a gift you always said you’d pay me back. Do you remember that time Hagrid buried gold for his lesson on Nifflers? He said the gold wasn’t real that it was the fake gold the Leprechauns dropped at the World Quidditch Tournament. You went into a state of anger and depression because you didn’t have gold jingling in your pockets. You hated me because my parents left me gold and you always thought of yourself as hopelessly poor. You don’t know how it made me feel when you hated me for my money. I thought having your friendship made me rich. You mattered to me; you made a difference in my life. If you resented and hated me for buying you a pair of Omnioculars what would you think of me for giving you those winnings? You would’ve hated me and refused to be my friend. I wouldn’t have been able to deal with it. That’s why I didn’t give you the winnings.”

Hermione and Ron stood still keeping silent and then Harry said, “As much fun as this has been you need to let my Aurors in so we can get to work. You can see by their expressions’ that they are confused because they all thought I was dead. Hermione you need to go to your office and go to the link I sent you. Then you need to make an announcement that people can have their cell phones and computers and whatever bit of technology they have that they access the internet with. Send a memo to every department here at the Ministry and put announcements in the papers.”

“Why are you so anxious for me to do that? Are you afraid we’ll expose you as the alien you are?”

Harry stood up and walked to her and took her by the elbow. He nodded at Ron to take her other one and help him. They started to lead her away from the office and Harry told his shocked Aurors to go on in and he’d be back as soon as possible. “Carl, go ahead and start briefing. It’s great to see you, all of you,” he added with a smile.” He missed his Aurors and was anxious to get back with them and make things right again.

When the trio was in the Minister’s office they sat her behind her desk and told her to turn on her computer and go to the link Harry sent her in an email. She looked at Harry stubbornly and asked, “Why are you in such a hurry to make me do this? Thinking of yourself as usual I guess. You don’t want me to find out who or what you really are.”

“I’m trying to save your career, Hermione. All this started because you set the hoax free with your computer trying to find out things you weren’t supposed to know about yet. I’m not blaming you; I’m just trying to help you. Some people don’t have internet and don’t know anything about the hoax and only know about rumors going around saying I am dead. It will get ugly very soon with people looking to you to let them know what happened. Scandals will run rampant that the Ministry of Magic is corrupt and cause great divisiveness in our people. And I think you’ll feel more like your normal self after you do this.”

They watched as she turned on her computer and did as Harry instructed. While Hermione became interested in what she began to read Harry stepped back from beside her and turned Ron away from the computer so he couldn’t see it. He looked quizzically at Harry but didn’t argue. This was when Harry knew for sure Ron believed he was not an alien but his friend he had always been from the beginning. Hermione followed the instructions she read and watched the video from the President of the United States telling people that Harry Potter’s heart stopped after an assassination attempt on his life took place on the base. “Mr. Potter was pronounced dead to cancel the assassination contract brought on by the cyber hoax. The doctor on the base was able to give Mr. Potter an injection of Adrenalin into his heart to start it beating and got him breathing again. After this article has been read and the video watched the memory of what was seen previously will be forgotten and there will not be anymore pursuit or interest in finding out more about where this base is or all matters pertaining to the hoax.”

Harry turned Ron back around and nodded to his wife. Hermione sat blank faced. In those brief seconds he pulled Ron around so that he and Harry were standing in front of her. Harry said, “I’m sorry to report in late. I was here early but when Ron came in I thought I should come in and let you know I’m at work.”

Hermione looked concerned and said, “Harry, you should be home recovering. You’ve had to overcome a huge ordeal.”

“I might take you up on that if you don’t mind. I honestly thought they were in danger and shorthanded so I came in to check on them. It looks like things are going better than I feared so I can go back home and relax if you’re sure it’s okay. I don’t want to get fired.”

Hermione laughed and said, “You don’t ever have to worry about being fired. Go see your Aurors for a minute; they’ve all been worried about you. That hoax really did a number on us all. Is Ginny and Lily okay?”

Harry forced a smile on his face and said, “They are doing as well as can be imagined under the circumstances. I’ll see you later, Hermione.”

Harry and Ron left the office and Ron said, “Why didn’t you let me see what she saw?”

“If you don’t mind; I want you to know everything that has been kept secret about me. I've always wanted you to know; plus it would help me to have someone here I trust to help me when things happen so I don’t have to do everything by myself and help me in other ways. I've been investigating a case dealing with all these plots against my life and it goes back years, maybe even before I was born. Only a handful of Aurors know about it but you would be a huge asset to me. You can help me solve the case. But for now when I leave here I need to go home and I’ll have to depend on you to help me equalize the different energies inside me or I’ll burn out and-”

Ron stopped and gently pulled Harry’s arm to make him stop. “That’s not a good idea, mate. I won’t keep secrets from Hermione. You need to make me forget too. John is there, he’s better to help you anyway.”

Harry was greatly disappointed and quietly said, “Are you sure,mate; I really need your help for me to survive.” Ron shook his head and said he was just feeling like that because of the ordeal he lived through. Harry said it wasn't the way of it at all but then half nodded his head and said he’d take care of it. He didn’t bother telling Ron that John left and that Ron really was his last hope of living. When they got back to the Department of Aurors he went in and had a brief reunion with his Aurors. They couldn’t believe he was alive and hated that he had to fight it alone. He nodded his head and said, “I hated it too, but that is just the way it had to be I guess. On another page, the Minister has lifted the restrictions off of using the internet and cell phones. When I call your name come up and get your cell phones she confiscated from you.”

When he called their names he took the phone out of a box and shook hands with them and then handed them their phones. He called Ron’s name and held his phone but before he gave it to him he held it back to back to his own phone to download the link into his phone he had Hermione go to so he could be made to forget what he knew to be the truth. When he gave his phone to Ron he shook hands but his smile was sad. “It’s been some kind of ride, having you for my friend. Thank you for the lift.” As soon as they all settled down Harry took a minute and looked at each of them knowing he would once again be alone with his secrets. He told them he was grateful they all believed in him and then he pushed a button on his phone making their cell phones ring at once. All of them looked at their phones and then when they looked back up they all had blank faces for a few seconds.

They became aware of Harry sitting there and they all greeted him like they hadn’t seen him for quite some time. They all exclaimed how grateful they were that he was alive and was happy he came in to see them. He turned the group over to Carl and told them all to be safe and to call him if they needed him. They told him to get home and take care of his head and stomach. “Yeah, mate, you’re bleeding through your bandages again,” said Ron with a wide smile. Harry said okay and left the office. He walked the entire way in the main halls to the exit so he was clearly visible to the people. He started seeing people stop to read memos and then dig out their cell phones to watch the link. It started; Hermione had released the link that Harry enchanted and sent to Hermione’s computer at work to kill the hoax that had gone out on her computer. Soon nobody but Ginny, her dad, Lissy and Sirius, and K’lari would know what happened to him and forget he was even targeted by assassins. Of course he wasn’t naïve; he knew his enemies wouldn’t honor the cancellation of the assassin’s contract since they now knew he was still alive; so he would still have to look over his shoulders the rest of his life. Unbeknownst to Harry, there was two more people who knew Harry’s secret, but he won’t know who they are until later.
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