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Truth be told, his inquiry had been more aimed at Olivia Olly than any of her employees. As department head, it was only natural to expect the debriefings from her and therefore it took him a moment to shift gears and give Lucy the undivided attention her recant deserved. Which meant that he did not miss the manner in which Olivia Olly's eyes narrowed at him.

Well...if looks could kill, right?

Unfazed by this, however, the Minister began to run his fingers along his five o'clock shadow...only to have his eyes widen upon the description of something physically grabbing at the employees. That...that had never come in any of the reports from Hogwarts, not even from his own grandson. Could the mist be a living and evolving organism? Or was the case more likely that there was something in the mist rather than the mist itself inflicting such terror. The only way to know for certain would be to send another team in to investigate, but clearly that was not to be Environmental Protection.

Olivia's Olly's scowl notwithstanding. Though if she needed a scapegoat to work through things, he would gladly take that fall. At least initially, he was no one's emotional punching bag.

"I need a full report on my desk as soon as the healers have cleared you," he reiterated, his brilliant blues circling around to each of the DERP employees and...falling on one of the French ambassadors? ...he would deal with that in a moment. Though that really went without saying. Flourishing his wand, Charles produced a silvery opossum from the tip of his wand that went immediately scampering off towards St. Mungo's - no time to waste in going through the systematic hierarchy of using the on-call phone at the healer station. They owed him a personal favor anyway.

"Monsieur Roux, if you would please make your way to level 5. I am sure they are waiting your arrival there." Here was not where his assistance was required. "Ol---" Just as he was about to rattle off a few more instructions, the persistent little note that had been following him and his pacing around managed to flutter right in front of the Minister's face and folded neatly over his nose and eyes like a blindfold.

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