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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Montana wasn't the loudest of witches, her confidence more of a quiet type, but when she had to do something she cared about, she could put on that air. Slap on a smile and approach strangers in public. Which was exactly what she was doing in Diagon Alley. With her doctorate needing some information from the general public, and her own interest in the issue at hand, Tana was taking to the streets to ask the first people she saw.

She'd taken some time to dawdle in the music store, loitering by the rock section and pretending she knew why it was so much better than every other genre. And that was where she was when someone approached.

The music selection. Approached the music selection, not her - obviously. But that didn't stop the beaming grin, or the interception of the other womans path.

"HI, I like your backpack - very cute! I was just wondering if you had a few minutes to answer some questions?"
Oh. Person. Humans. Right, they existed. "Thank you," she looked back at it then at the woman with a surprised little smile, and would have been perfectly content finding something about this stranger to compliment in return - it's only polite after all - when she continued and Ariel instantly grew suspicious.

Was this another trick of her ex's? Was he bored of his life? Did he need some casual entertainment in the form of Ariel torture? Whatever it was, she wouldn't provide it. "I... suppose. What sort of questions?" she asked, the crease between her brows deepening. She was done being the butt of every joke.
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