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Bradley Antonio Davidson
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Initially, Brad was confused about how a book regarding upkeeping became mixed up with his recent shipment of Quidditch and Gobstone books. Perhaps the deliver was mistaken with the contents of upkeeping with Keeper position. The way the book glowed, however, tempted him to check some of its contents before deducing that it didn't belong in his shop. Now that Summer was near and it was about time to get the season of Sports Enthusiasts overfilling into the shop it was time to put up the posters of restocking. New brooms and supplies were replinished.

Now, where was Brad? He was busy with trimming the broom handles and scrubbing the floors in the back. He hadn't realised before how much cleaner his shop could've been until recently. His shop was never dirty per se, it was just tidy. Over time though, the urge to repolish the floors was too much to resist. They needed to be squeaky clean, even if he had to be on all fours to keep his reflection showing.

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