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Brooke's heart might have ached for him, but Eivan's heart had grown cold and hard in the days since his mother was killed. He still believed it was his father's fault and he would not rest until he and Eddie got their revenge. "Murder for a jar of red rum," he muttered to himself as the thought filtered back through his mind. But speaking of Eddie, he was surprised not to see his older brother in the meeting room already, though he was sure he'd be along shortly.

His cold steel eyes turned towards his cousin Brooke as she addressed him, though he ignored the part about him growing up. He was nearly an adult and didn't need to be coddled. But he shook his head at the question, his voice not as sharp as it was to outsiders. "No, not yet. But they'll be here." He was sure of it.

"I've come to a decision."
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