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Hey Guys, here we are again. I hope all is well with each of you in your part of the world. Thank you very much for reading and coming back for more.

Chapter 2

Hermione’s Decision To Banish Harry To Atlantis

Ginny smiled sadly at Harry and said, “I’m only going to fix your bandage on your head.”

He thanked her and sat still for her to change it and fix it so it would protect the wound better. She felt sick when she saw the deep gash in the skull. She could tell it was healing but it was still very bad.

When she was done Hermione said, “Harry, I’ve been thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that the world of magic would be better off if you left and never came back. I think it’s best if we allow the world to think you are dead. You along with your Muggle friends put us in more danger than Lord Voldemort did. I’m not saying they are bad friends, but they have their ways and we have ours. I can’t believe you would expose us on purpose but never the less you have. Now and for the rest of our lives we have to worry about assassins from all corners of the earth coming after you. I also think it would be best if Ginny and the kids stayed here. You are rarely here anymore anyway. It’s not fair to the Aurors to always cover for you and having to work extra hard without your leadership. It’s also not fair to the Ministry of Magic because you owe them your service as Head Auror. We still paid you even though you haven’t been to work for over two months; nearly three. Now it is only right that you pay the Ministry back for the last three months because you weren’t working for our people. All the other times we paid you because you were injured in the line of duty. You of course will not need to pay that back. Harry, you were the best thing to ever happen to us, the wizarding world. You were like a gift but you abused us by betraying us to your Muggle friends. For our people to survive we need to be kept secret, but you took it upon yourself to let loads of Muggles know about us.”

Ron said, “Mione I don’t think you’re being fair; none of this is his fault. It was scary for us, but only because we were in the dark after Harry died. We still don’t know what happened. Don’t you think we should hear Harry’s side?”

Hermione rounded on her husband with tears falling down her face. “Ronald, do you think I want this?! Harry is our best friend and I can’t stand the thought of him not being a part of our lives. But it is the best thing for the wizarding world! He isn’t able to take care of himself anymore how will he take care of us? Look at the state of his clothes, it isn’t even important enough for him to change those rags he’s wearing. Something is not right and his priorities have been scrambled.”

Lily began to sob and Hermione felt awful. “Oh, Lily, I’m sorry I said all that in front of you. I love your dad, but-”

Harry pulled his young daughter onto his lap and kissed her while he comforted her. He needed this time to recover from the pain Hermione caused him. Finally he spoke softly, “You want me to leave my home and my family too. What will become of my businesses all around the world? What will become of the wealth I’ve amassed from hard work, pain and suffering, and hardships you’ll never come close to experiencing? I’m not dead, so how will all my wealth be Ginny’s? In other words; since I have a will that puts everything in Ginny’s name how will that be possible without a death certificate?”

Hermione said, “Well, the Ministry will take what you owe it and then we’ll just find a way for Ginny to keep everything she is entitled to.”

Ginny is entitled to all of it. You seem to forget that I paid for a whole unit of security to watch the Goblins so they didn’t mine anymore under Gringotts. I paid them with my own money, not just for two months but several years. You canceled the security and gave raises to Ministry employees with money I was sending for the security of the mine. And you remember what happened because the Goblins were free to mine don’t you? The Ministry owes me all the money I paid to keep the people safe from the Goblins mining too deep and causing the mine to collapse. The Ministry hasn’t seen fit to pay a single Knut back to me for that disaster. And you dare say I betrayed the people when I’ve been betrayed numerous times. Kingsley ordered the Aurors to kill me after I saved the mine from collapsing because he thought I would lead an army against him and the wizarding world. My own family, Ginny’s family, except her parents, I guess I should say, betrayed me more times than I care to talk about. I am sorry I have put such a hardship on the Aurors. I don’t want them working harder than is fair so I will be at work tomorrow even though I have desperate needs of my own that need taken care of. I don’t understand what you’re going on about my mind or whatever. You said I don’t even care what I look like wearing these rags. Well, just so you know, you ordered all my things to be removed from the house. I don’t have any clothes to wear, so I am wearing the same things I’ve been wearing since the day I left here. Which; brings me finally to you, Hermione. It wasn’t me or my Muggle friends that caused this calamity. It was you, Hermione. You are the reason that the hoax was a success.”

Ron started to step in to protect Hermione from anything else being said that he didn’t think was right. Harry looked at him and with danger in his voice he told Ron to sit down.

Harry looked back at Hermione and said, “You had been after me to tell you my secrets for ages even before you ran for Minister of Magic. I wouldn’t tell you until onetime I told all the family, but I told you it had to be kept a secret. What happened was that everyone got money hungry and started making plans how to benefit financially. I had to make all of you forget what I told you. Then right after you were elected you demanded that I tell you my secrets. I told you that I would tell you my secrets after you were sworn in but until then you would have to be patient because I wasn’t just keeping secrets about what affected the world of magic, but Top Secrets of many other countries. You couldn’t wait though could you? You went online researching key words to find out what I wouldn’t tell you right then. Those Key words, Hermione, is what triggered the hoax. The hoax was created by Altimore, the brilliant scientist Tom Riddle hired to make his nanites and the Ice Giant. I killed Altimore but like I said, he was a brilliant scientist and he found a way for his mind to exist as energy. He lived in the cyber streams going to and from computers all over the world and other galaxies. I did tell you that I would tell you things if something came up pertaining to our world of magic. After you got sworn in I went to you, rather I asked you to come here and I told you my secrets. You couldn’t handle the truth so I put it in your memory that would only be remembered if something happened and I didn’t take care of it.”

Harry looked at John when he shifted to another position. Harry knew he was getting better situated in-case Ron got too uncomfortable with him laying so much blame on his wife and decided to get physical.

He let what he said soak in for another couple seconds. He was giving them a chance to respond if they wanted to. Harry’s head was thumping and he tilted it so he could rest it on the top of Lily’s head. He kissed her again to let her know he hadn’t forgotten her.

She stirred about so he let her sit up to see what she wanted. “Daddy, I want to be with you, but while you guys are talking about important things can I go to my room and unpack my things. And can Mum make our house our home again with stuff that shows you live here?”

“I’m all for that if she wants to. I’d rather like to get some decent clothes on.” He looked at Ginny and she nodded her head and stood up to undo her enchantment she put on the house. Lily thanked her and ran to the steps. Banner ran after her and Ginny reminded her to walk up the steps. She looked at Harry and pointed her wand at him. She kept it pointed at him until his white face and him saying, “Ginny?” caused her to realize she was worrying him. “I’m sorry Love. I was just wondering what to put you in that you would be most comfortable.” She waved her wand and said something quickly and Harry was in jeans and a T-shirt that complimented his muscular build. His face turned red from Ginny’s wicked grin. He thanked her for her thoughtfulness and then asked if Minerva had been notified that he was alive. When Ginny gasped and said no he closed his eyes and then smiled saying everything was okay.

Ron said, “Are we all comfy now? Do you feel better that Lily thinks that her Aunt is a world wrecker? And why did you make Ginny change her house back to normal and change your clothes? You’re not a baby, nor is she your servant.”

“The only thing Lily heard was her Aunt banishing me from her world and making untrue accusations about me. When I pulled her on my lap I covered her ears with a charm within me to keep her from hearing anything but my heart since I was holding her against my chest. Right now I am doing good to be able to sit up and talk to you. The magic I used is from my reserve powers. It took a lot to keep the charm on Lily to protect her from hearing things she shouldn’t be hearing. I didn’t want to chance trying to change the house back to normal since I didn’t know who put up the enchantment. Sometimes enchantments have a curse on them if they are messed with, as you well know. And now I am completely vulnerable because I am without magic. I don’t even have my wand on me.”

Ron said heatedly, “You said you were on your reserve powers and now you are powerless. You haven’t even done anything, so which is it?”

Harry scrunched down so he could rest his head on the back of his chair and swallowed. He took a deep breath and said, “I used the last of my reserves to send a Patronus to Minerva so she wouldn’t have to worry about getting our sons home. It hurts more than you can imagine thinking of your loved ones worrying about things that shouldn’t have even happened in the first place.”

Just then Minerva’s Patronus popped into the room facing Harry. “Joyous news that you are not dead. Thankfully your sons haven’t been told you died yet. I'll think of something else to tell them when they get here any minute.”

Harry looked at Hermione and said, “I’d like to get this meeting done with so I can either die or get some rest. This in between stuff is working against me and it’s rather annoying that I’m expected to answer ignorant questions instead of being able to take care of myself and be with my family.”

Ron’s eyes were big as he looked over Harry. “Why are you looking so… see throughish like? What’s happening to you?”

“I existed for over two months as an entity of electricity. I was in space and inside computers. The injuries I sustained during that time affected my physical body. I need to repair myself with rest and nourishment so I can heal evenly.”

Harry caught his breath and hunched over gritting his teeth. He got up and stumbled away from Ginny saying not to touch him when they tried to catch him from falling. He looked at John and said, “Finish telling Hermione…Hermione, after he tells you then watch my computer,” he stopped and held his head and screamed; blue light coming from his mouth zapping at anything that might be close to him to latch onto. When he gained control again he walked drunkenly to the window and looked out.

“Just my luck, it’s raining. I’m not safe to be around; don’t try to find me.” He stumbled outside and huge arcs of blue light zapped him as he became saturated with the rain. Somehow he found the strength to find the cave where the Ice Giant nearly crushed him and went inside. He fell against the back wall and sleep overtook his pain. Hours later Harry woke and stood up. He felt a lot better and wasn’t transparent anymore. He made his way home in the darkness of the moonless night. It was slow going because it truly was pitch black. He walked without the aid of magic so he didn’t use his energy he was accumulating. There were many close calls like slipping down the ravine, but he was able to catch himself before he did much damage to himself. Another time he nearly walked right off of Pride Rock but realized he was walking on rock instead of the ground. Then just before he made out the stable from dawns early light he walked into a barbed wire fence and became entangled in it. By the time he was free of it he was feeling the effects these mishaps had on him.

Finally he walked into the basement of his house to take a shower but when he turned on the water a drop splashed on him and it shocked him. Disappointment at still not getting to shower washed over him. Once again he used magic to clean up. He medicated and bandaged his wounds and felt good about the healing he knew was going on in his body. He put on a suit and went up to the kitchen to grab something to eat before he went to work. He smelled rich coffee and nearly stopped to have a cup right then but decided to wait and see if Ginny would come down and have the whole breakfast with him and John. Since he hoped it would only take a couple hours to get what he needed done at work he normally would have eaten a light breakfast. But Harry knew he had to build up his body to equalize the ratio between having a solid body and electric energy. First he would look in on Ginny and Lily. He already was anxious for what he had to do to be done so he could come home from work and be with them and John.

When he walked into the living room he saw John drinking a cup of coffee and watching out the window. He looked at his watch and then put his hand on his hip where Harry’s pouch was still attached.

Harry looked around the room and was glad to see Ginny wasn’t waiting up for him. Ron and Hermione were gone too; which he was exceedingly happy about. He walked over to John and said, “I’ll take my pouch back now, unless you want to play wizard today.”

John turned to him and said, “Nice of you to drop in, how long are you going to be here?”

Harry braced himself against John’s harsh treatment and memories of hateful things said to him from people he loved flashed through his mind. His look of playfulness changed to his stoic, non readable face and said, “I’m going to go see Ginny and see if she wants to come down and have breakfast with me and then I’m going to work. Would you join us?”

John yawned and said, “Nah, I’m going to go on home, since you obviously don’t need me to hang around.”

Harry stared at him and knew he had somehow hurt his friend who always had his back. It looked like a showdown to see who could hold his stare longer. Finally Harry said, “I don’t know what I’ve done, but I need you to forgive me for it if you would please.”

John only looked at him and then Harry turned to go upstairs and quietly said, “When you figure out how you plan on exchanging my pouch for the keys to the Puddle jumper let me know.”

Harry looked in on Lily and smiled at her small form under the covers. He was about to go when he saw a paper on her nightstand that said Daddy. Harry crossed the room and read the sentence she wrote. “Daddy, I wish you were like a normal daddy like my friends have.”

Harry swallowed and picked up her pen she had written her note with and wrote, “My Dear Darling Angel, your wish has been granted. Like normal dads, I have gone to work. I’ll see you later. I love you Angel.”

He drew a happy face on the note and left her room quickly before his emotions got the best of him. He wasn’t doing very well with trying to please everyone. Hermione said his Aurors were in jeopardy because he wasn’t there anymore. John was angry with him for some reason, and now Lily was upset. It made him somewhat angry that he would be in trouble with someone no matter what he did. He wanted to stay home and just recuperate. He had planned on doing that all the way from Atlantis; stay home to live and enjoy life while he healed. His emotions were all over the place and it wasn’t easy keeping them bottled up inside.

When he got in his and Ginny’s bedroom he smiled at her sleeping; her beautiful hair that he loved falling over her shoulders. She rolled onto her side and a strand fell over her face. She pushed it aside in her sleep muttering something about short hair. It fell back over her face when she snuggled deeper in the blanket. He went over and sat on the side of the bed and gently hooked the hair behind her ear. He bent over and kissed her lightly on her temple. When he started to straighten up a strand of his hair fell over her chin. He started to sit up quickly but she halfway woke up grumpily saying, “Stupid hair!” She grabbed the hair and yanked it off of her face pulling her unsuspecting husband over on her. He gasped and tried to get off of her. She drew her wand and shouted a knockback jinx that threw Harry off of her sending him across the room and hitting the wall. He fell to the floor and didn’t move for a few seconds. When he got up he leaned against the wall to hold him up and then looked at Ginny. Her mouth dropped open and she got out of bed and ran to him. She threw her arms around him saying she was sorry.

“What happened, love? Did you pass out and fall on me?”

He whispered very softly, “I wanted to see if you wanted to come down and have breakfast with me before I went to work for a couple hours. But you were so beautiful I kissed you first. When I was raising up my hair fell over your chin. You yanked it off and it caused me to fall over you. I tried to get up quickly so I didn’t hurt you, but you jinxed me before I could do anything.”

“I’m sorry, Love. Are you okay? I thought someone was coming to kill you.”

Harry swallowed and instead of answering her he made a feeble attempt to chuckle and then said, “At least I don’t have to worry about anyone attacking you while you sleep. You can certainly take care of yourself.” He kissed her passionately and then said he loved and missed her. “Would you come down and have breakfast with me?”

Ginny frowned and said, “Love, stay home. You’re not in any kind of shape to go to work and you won’t be for quite a while. You need to stay home and get your health back.”

Harry wearily looked at her knowing how this was going to end. “Please let’s not argue about this. I will not put my Aurors in danger by not being there for them. Come down and eat with me… please?” he added.

Ginny squinted her eyes at him angrily and turned to get back in bed. “Ginny, please don’t be this way. I need you… what am I supposed to do, Gin? Hermione is my boss. She said my Aurors are in danger. She wants to fire me because I miss too much work and I’m not there to protect my Aurors.”

She turned to him again to glare at him and then she turned to get back in bed. “I’m tired from being up all night worrying about you. Do whatever you want.”

“I can’t do what I want, Gin; so I had hoped we could at least have breakfast. I hope you get your rest. Hopefully I’ll be home in a couple hours if everything goes well for me. Oh, and if you’ve been keeping your hair long for me then don’t. It is selfish of me to expect you to keep it long for me; please cut it as short as you want.”

He turned around and went back downstairs. He found John looking out the window again but he turned when he heard Harry pick up his car keys. John started to say something but Harry held out the controller for the Puddle jumper. “Have a safe flight back to Atlantis. Maybe sometime we’ll be able to visit and do something fun unless I’m dead. And if that’s the case it was nice knowing you.”

John said, “What’s that supposed to mean? Never mind, here take your pouch and I’ll take off.” He tried to give Harry the pouch but it wouldn’t release its attachment to him.

“Keep it for me; I don’t want to be a wizard anymore. Rest assured though it’ll come to me if it thinks I need it. That way you won’t have to be mad at me for not getting it from you and then not having it to protect myself when the need of it arises.” He held out his hand and said, “I will need my phone though.” The phone appeared in his hand and Harry leaned on the wall; took a deep breath and then he turned away to leave.

John pulled him around roughly and Harry closed his eyes and swayed on his feet. John saw the blood on his bandaged head and he said, “Something is wrong with you. You-”

Harry chuckled and said, “You got that right, John. There are three people here other than me, and all three of them are mad at me. Why is it that I work so hard at trying to live for my family and close friends since that’s what they say they want and am only able to make them mad at me for everything I do or don’t do? Things were better for everyone when I was dead. I’m going to work. I love you big brother.”

Harry ignored John calling after him but just waved over his shoulder as he went to the garage. He drove to the Ministry of Magic because he knew that’s where his Aurors would be meeting.

It was easy getting to his office without being seen by way of the maintenance hall behind all the offices. He went and set his briefcase on the desk and got the files out to read up on what his Aurors had been into since he was gone. He was surprised to see that nothing stood out as alarming. There wasn’t any outstanding case or investigations and there hadn’t been anyone hurt during the time he was gone. He wondered what Hermione was talking about the night before and his anger found a new level of contempt. She had made him feel guilty about not being at work so he would go. She didn’t have any regards to what he needed.

He took a deep breath and pulled out his fast food breakfast he picked up on the way into work and ate while he made plans for the day. After that he pulled up the link that had the hoax on it and was disappointed that Hermione still hadn’t watched it. He opened a drawer and was further disappointed to find all the cell phones he had his Aurors carry. “She’s not making it easy for me to save her career,” he thought; his anger roots digging deeper inside him. He sat at his desk and put his elbows on the desk to rest his throbbing head in the palms of his hands.

“I need to get a hold of myself and stop getting angry over things that happened that already have consequences and concentrate on fixing the harm that has occurred. I shouldn’t think about whose fault it is and why something happened and just work forward." He went to the corner of the room and got some water from the cooler and was drinking it when Ron and Hermione came in having a heated conversation. They stopped just inside the entrance to the room because Ron pulled on her arm. He wasn’t in agreement with his wife and wanted to go back to her office.

“I’m telling you, Mione, Harry and John told us nothing but the truth. And Ginny too; you think she was lying; making up the whole thing? If Harry really is dead don’t you think she would know if this Harry is real or not?”

And I’m telling you, Ronald, nobody can make themselves be pure energy even if he is the greatest wizard in the world! There is no book written that proves it can be done. And the gods of Mythology are just that, myths! Harry can’t heal himself just by getting in water from nature. He isn’t a Demi god and neither is John. That is the most incredible story I have ever heard. And all that stuff about being gone a couple hundred years is Science Fiction. I could write a better fiction story if I tried a little. Now help me destroy this computer before anyone comes in. I do however think he is an alien; the way he can cause electricity to form and zap him without it killing him. That is not humanly possible.”

“Wait, Hermione, why are you willing to believe this Harry is an Alien, but you aren’t able to believe that he is Harry who knows more magic than we know exists and just doesn’t use it unless there is a reason for it? Harry never uses magic to do things the easy way other than transportation and even then, a lot of the time he drives his truck or Jaguar. Why won’t you let me get a Jaguar?”

“Oh for heaven’s sake, Ronald, would you grow up? We aren’t made of money like Harry is… was. And don’t go on on about us not having money. I admire Harry for his hard work and sacrifices he made to get what he has. And I don’t care how many times you get mad that he didn’t take you with him. It wasn’t about you, Ron. He needed to work out some serious issues he had before he could marry Ginny. You had serious issues too, but you worked them out without having to go away for four years. And I’m glad you worked them out or else I wouldn’t like you.”

“I thought you loved me despite my faults,” said Ron with hurt feelings.

Hermione sighed and said, “I have always loved you despite your faults, but I didn’t like them. I didn’t like the person you changed into when you dwelled on them and became obsessed with them. Don’t have hurt feelings, it’s perfectly normal. Ginny doesn’t like Harry, but she wouldn’t give him up for any reason because she loves him. That’s why she can’t accept that he is dead and this other… thing is an impostor.”

“Why doesn’t Ginny like Harry, isn’t he everything every woman wants in a man?”

“Well, he won’t let her cut her hair, and she doesn’t like him when he disciplines the kids when they do trivial things he thinks is wrong.”

Harry was getting uncomfortable hearing this conversation and cleared his throat. “You two should do that kind of talking at home or someplace private. My Aurors need to get in the door in a few minutes.”

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