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Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
While Olly was not able to actually see through the list, she could feel the gate coming closer and closer. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking. She was limply holding onto the rope tied around her waist with one hand, following the rest or her employees.

That was-


The gate.

It was the gate.

She hurried up, almost stumbling over her own feet, eager to get out of the mist and off the Hogwarts grounds. Actually, “eager” didn’t even cut it. The feeling was so much stronger. There. She touched the gate once she was close enough, elated to be feeling the metal under her fingertips. They’d made it. They’d survived. Or at least she hoped that nobody had stayed inside.

”Let’s....use your portkeys.” Olly finally said, voice still shaking slightly. That was all she could say for now. They portkeys would take them back to the Ministry.

To safety.

OOC: Hey guys, thank you so much for playing and being active and just being awesome in general. Go ahead and post your charries making it out of the mist and using their emergency portkey; it will lead them to the Atrium of the Ministry. We can reconvene there.
Once Archer saw the gate, something like hope opened up inside of him. Beyond the gate felt like safety, and once he was through, portkey in hand, he felt his feet touch down in the Atrium. Safety. They were all coming back to the Ministry. He hoped some of the samples would provide valuable information, otherwise would it have all been for nothing? All of those... those... things. He was anxious to get back home and see his wife. To see she was pink, warm, and breathing. His beautiful children. He needed them.

It felt like a boulder hitting him in the back, his legs simply collapsed and he fell to his knees. Was it that they were finally, hopefully, safe? "Bloody hell." was all he could say for the minute.

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