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Default Horse Stables

All the great and grand horses of Beauxbatons are housed here in its stables. Not only can you find the large abraxans that carry the carriages at the start and end of each term but you can also find granians, thestrals and aethonans all in their respective areas.

You may visit these magnificent beasts but only after receiving permission from the Care of Magical Creatures professor. Even then, depending on his assessment and the purpose of your visit, you may be required to have him present. While the horses are tame, they should still be approached with the greatest caution. While here, you will not in any way mistreat them and you will not attempt to ride a horse that does not want to be ridden.

Within the stables, there is a supply cupboard where you can find all equipment needed should you wish to give any of these creatures some care. Treats are inside the cupboard as well, don't be shy about rewarding the horses when they've done a good job. Keep in mind the horses that drag the carriages only take single malt whiskey. Do not attempt to give them anything else.

After you've finished, be sure to lock up carefully or you WILL be held accountable for any subsequent releases or damages.
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