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Default Rose Garden

The pride of Beauxbatons is the large, elaborate rose garden that sits within its larger park. These are magical roses that bloom all year and can be smelled long before you get here. Recently, the garden has been under construction and now it's even better than ever. Come, take a stroll, smell the roses, get lost in nature--once you've gotten your homework done. While here, you're asked not to pick the roses. Yes, they're tempting. Yes, they'll charming. No, they don't belong to you. Headmistress Desmarais has taken a special interest in these roses and has placed charms on them. They will attack any who make any attempts to displace them.

The Headmistress can often be seen roaming the park and indeed the gardens. Remember your best behaviour and she'll have no reason to turn a blissful stroll into a trip to the inquisitorial hall.

Small fountains have been erected through this expansive garden and benches laid out should you grow weary after a long walk. Can you hear the birds chirping?
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