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Text Cut: Sachin <3
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Sachin found himself smirking just a tad at Conley’s reaction. Really, he enjoyed being spot on when it came to zoning in on the man’s goings... or non- doings. In this case, the non- doing was, as usual, not eating. Sachin refrained himself from smirking any wider. But at least he’d settle and be happy for now that Conley was having tea. He allowed himself to stare and admire as the Department Head made notes. Had there been anyone else there in the office there, naturally he wouldn’t be staring but they had been away from each other for a few days. Sachin had missed Conley very mush as always.

“No, no,’’ the Ambassador hastily said in reassurance. “It’s been taking care of.’’ He bit his lower lip, hating to bring bad news especially if it involved some sort of sickness. He longed to reach out, to take Conley’s hand but he resisted with difficulty. “Everyone will be fine. Don’t worry about it. It’ll be just a short delay with the carpets and nothing more.’’ All the locals would be safe and sound.

Sachin took a sip of tea then slowly lowered his cup. He had a feeling they had touched upon the topic Conley had wanted to discuss. “There have been mentions about a few misplaced passports. Is this a situation where the passports are more than misplaced?”

Conley could tell from the look on Sachin’s face that he was telling him the truth and not just something that would placate and calm him down. He emptied his teacup and put it back down onto the desk. He told himself to calm down and focus. There was no trouble; everyone would be fine. ”The delay with the carpets isn’t a big problem. I will let imports know so they can prepare just in case there is any push-pack.”

”I’m not entirely sure,” he said in response to Sachin’s questions about the passports. ”I have a team trying to figure it out, but I’ve been getting a little…clap back in regards to my concerns.” In fact he hadn’t gotten any help from Alexa and he wasn’t about to go back up there. That woman was unpleasant. Instead he had decided to try the 'collect data and create a detailed report that can't be ignored' route. ”For the time being can you please-“

Text Cut: Theophilis
Originally Posted by Shanners View Post

And his lunch friend was more than two minutes late and that was inappropriate. And unfortunate, because his stomach was eating away at itself right now. He knock knock KNOCKED on Conley's office door with a loud fist before announcing exactly who it was. "IT IS LUNCH TIME. ARE YOU ASLEEP?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!"

Could they eat now please?

Yeah, Theo had grabbed food and brought it with him.


What in Merlin’s saggy bottoms…

Conley stopped talking mid-sentence. His eyes met Sachin’s for a moment then traveled to the door. Again that sense of guilt and dread boiled up inside as he wondered who could be…

”Oh good gracious almighty…” he sighed as the man began yelling. Didn't he know that this was an office? Was the yelling necessary? Besides, his lunch plans with Theophillis were tomorrow.

Weren’t they?

Conley reached for his day planner knocking over his empty teacup in his haste. ”COME IN…It’s open!” he called, hoping it would stop the man's yelling.

Flipping through the pages of the book, he found today’s date and audibly sighed. Nope. Their plans were indeed today. To Sachin he said, ”Well, I guess I’ll be eating.” And yes, he knew the man across from him was probably going to find this entire situation hilarious.
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