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Default Sixth-Floor Corridor

It goes without saying that the sixth-floor corridor is a curious one. Several doors can be found along this carpet-lacking hallway that mostly lead to storerooms, a few classrooms, and rooms that are locked for reasons unknown to you. Though the most notable features of the sixth floor are the Transfiguration and Music classrooms and a tapestry covering a long crack in the wall where a mysterious portal had once been.

While there isn't much to explore on this floor, at least the bust of Glanmore Peakes will give you something to look at. But if admiring the sea serpent slayer isn't really your thing, there are plenty of bizarre portraits to talk to. Temeritus Shanks is always up to date about the details being printed in the Prophet and swears every word in it is true; Vindictus Viridian will give you some pointers on how to get revenge on your enemies using a few choice potions; and Wendelin the Weird, well, she doesn't really have much to say because she's too busy laughing maniacally while "burning" at the stake.

Or perhaps a certain nook containing a cage with two birds, one black and one white, will capture your attention. How did those get there?
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