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As if this had ever been a secret to Eliora... She didn't care for the coffee she could get here, because she liked the coffee she got from her own department a thousand times better. But, she did enjoy the quiet here. And sometimes she brought her paperwork here to avoid her employees being annoying and wanting her to make decisions for them. They knew that they were adults, right? They knew that they were supposed to be independent? That they had been hired for their skill and not their need for being babysat?



Her children needed to understand that too. Briar-Rose was also an adult and very close to graduating. Which meant that she needed to have an income soon. But of course, Eliora suggesting that had gone over like a sack of potatoes to the brain and every single day was an argument. Hence why she was coming into work before 6am and leaving after 9pm unless she was getting dinner with friends. Actually, some nights she wasn't even leaving the Ministry. Here was decent enough to sleep if she wanted to avoid being found.

Parenting was stressful.

But not stressful enough that she couldn't get a sleep in at work.

So by 7pm her legs were up on a sofa and Eliora was snuggled into a pillow asleep. Good and night.

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