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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
It hadn't been long since she first began her new role, but Yassi still felt as though she was in a transition period. Her space didn't feel like it belonged to her quite yet. It felt stale, temporary, and oh-so-very cooperate. She could hardly focus sitting at her empty desk and the barren gray walls of her tight cubicle taunted her.

It was with this thought that had motivated her bring back two small, potted succulents from the Plant Adoption Café. Venturing off to the Café had been an unfortunate accident, but immediately she knew that she would be back there as soon as she could set her plants down on her desk. It was only when she spotted Chloe that her plans had changed. Immediately she could sense that there was something off, and instantly the brunette found herself gravitating towards the girl.

"Chloe dear," she had only been working here for a few months, but her first priority had been memorizing the names of all those in her Department. "What are you thinking about?" Her melodic voice was hopefully just as smoothing as the smile she wore, but there was concern behind her eyes. If she hadn't been holding the two plants, her had would've been gently placed upon the girl's shoulder.
Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Kendra had been rather concerned with whatever was currently going on at Hogwarts and she was all too thankful that her daughter no longer attended. Her niece, however, was a different story, and she just hoped that the situation wasn't as dire as some were making it out to be. Not to mention that she knew some of the Ministry employees were sent to try to remedy the situation. So hopefully it would be contained soon.

Though these thoughts distracted her normally focused mind, the department head made her rounds through her employees workspace to make sure everything was going smoothly. And she immediately came across two of her division leaders, though there was something about their tone or demeanor that seemed almost concerning.

"Good day, ladies," she greeted them both with a polite smile. "Everything going alright today?"
This was why Chloe had charmed her cubicle walls to be more colourful. She'd probably not have survived a decade of employment here with barren walls (although if she was being honest, she would have if nothing else because she needed the money and had limited education other than being a Hogwarts graduate).

"Yassi." She was still slightly uncomfortable with being called dear by a peer who was roughly her own age and not one her best friends, but she'd grown used to the fact that Yassi called everyone dear. It was just one of those things. "Hogwarts." She forced a smile, with her simple answer. Oh, speaking of people to speak with.... the boss lady had arrived.

"Good day, Kendra, honestly, no." The redhead made a face. "I'm worried about Hogwarts."
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