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Text Cut: Sachin <3
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Sachin was pleased that he hadn’t turned up at the wrong time. It meant that he wouldn’t have to rush meeting with Conley though one could argue that he would see the Department Head at home. Still, he was never tired of Conley’s presence. Sachin’s eyebrow arched. He knew the other man well and could tell that there was already an enormous amount of work on his plate. Then again, that was the price to be paid for being in charge of one of the busiest Departments. “Just... just take care of yourself,’’ he said softly so that his voice wouldn’t carry to the door. The words had more than a bit of meaning: eat properly, try not to be stressed out...

“Main bata sakata hoon. I can tell.’’ the ambassador answered as he made himself comfortable in one of the chairs at the desk. Without hesitation, he reached to make a cup of tea for himself.

Tea is life.

“The quota for the flying carpets that Britain has requested cannot be met within the specified time,’’ Sachin replied smoothly and calmly in his accent. He proceeded to test his tea. Perfect. It was all perfect- the temperature, the amount of cream and sugar. “Pollution has affected Kalale and so many of the workers there have been falling sick from inhalation.’’ Air pollution had always been an issue since the early 2000s and it got worst as the years progressed. It was one of the few things that he hated about his country of birth.

Conley’s reserved smile turned into a growly-frown at Sachin’s whispers because it was as if the man sitting across from him was reading his mind. He knew exactly what was being implied with Sachin's whisper. Don’t stress yourself out. Make sure you get some sleep. And for Merlin's sake - eat! Was he really that transparent? Conley wondered.

No, no he wasn’t. Conley decided upon a short reflection. He was simply that predicable.

As was Sachin…sometimes. No…not really. Only when it came to tea. Conley sat back in his chair sipping on his cup of tea and the coy smile returned as he watched Sachin fix his drink.

The tea eased some of his hunger pains and he put the cup back down on the desk and picked up a pen as Sachin began talking. He nodded as he scribbled down a few notes to relay to his testers and to Imports. His head snapped up sharply and his heart started racing upon hearing the word ‘sick.’ ”Anything we should be concerned about?” he asked without thinking, his voice perhaps a bit brittle sounding. The word had caused bile to creep it's way up the back of Conley's throat and his chest had constricted as fear bubbled up, threatening to engulf him. His eyes darted to the door and upon seeing it closed, he took a deep breath and put down his pen. He forced himself to lean back in his chair as if nothing was wrong.

”Sorry,” he said softly, feeling rather embarrassed. He knew Sachin would understand why he had reacted the way he had. And while his comment wasn’t that out of the ordinary if someone had happened by and overheard them, still. Reacting like that was unprofessional and Conley was now angry with himself. Unprofessional and inappropriate, he chastised himself as he rubbed the crease between his eyebrows. One needs to be in control of their emotions in this field of work.

He picked up his teacup and took a sip, hoping it would get the nasty taste out of his mouth. It didn’t, but the action did help him focus. ”Any reports of stolen passports or missing wallets? Identify thefts? Black market goods showing up or being shipped out? Things of that nature?” he inquired, trying to move on in the conversation. He had, after all, called Sachin to his office for a reason.
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