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Archer felt Quentin's conjured rope tight around his upper body, some feeling of hope burning inside. Of course he didn't want them to leave him, he didn't want anything to end. But better one than... Merlin how many of them were here? In any case, he didn't have the ability to breathe in enough to yell again, the rope tight around his ribs, and the thing pulling hard in the opposite direction.

Suddenly there was a slackening from his legs. With the kicks he had been thrashing around, he made contact with ground, his body rolling forward from the combative movements he had been making to free his legs. With a frantic scurry, he miraculously pulled himself up right. He had registered Alberta's voice casting an immobulus charm, giving him the opportunity to get himself up.

His entire body shook with adrenaline and fear, and his clothes were drenched in cold sweat. He took a shaking hand back to the rope, behind Lucy.


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