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Catherine sent Cecelia a long look because she was under the impression the girl didn't understand what she meant. Her tone of voice alone showed the blonde had interpreted it all wrong, which was a shame, but Catherine wasn't about to argue with her best friend. "So, he can go play with them now." Was all she added to the topic.

See, if it was up to Catherine, the both of them would already be in her bedroom painting and looking at pretty pictures and photos, but Cecelia was still going on about Noah and Catherine couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed. "You can say hi." 'And just hi.' Her eyes added, but maybe Cecelia wouldn't be able to read that - which was fine by Catherine.

She started leading them, but the next words by her best friend made her stop on her tracks. She felt something funny in her chest and pursed her lips, making sure to keep her back towards Cecelia. "No, but you wouldn't do that." She said in a much lower tone, meaning Cecelia wouldn't just go there to visit Noah. But she would and she had gone there to visit Catherine. How was that so difficult to understand?? It seemed like people didn't get it half the time and that was really annoying. Not even her best friend. Huff. "I'll show you my watercolour." It might've sounded like a command, but it wasn't totally intentional. It was what she sounded like when annoyed.

Sorry, Cecelia.
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