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Laleh was apprehensive at best, but they were new on this job and frankly not sure if this was regular course of business for the Department of Environmental Blah. Either way, they were here for the protection bit, rather than the regulation bit. And the experimenting bit, because the ministry had access to all kinds of yummy plant varieties.

This was not the job they'd signed on for. But a paycheck was a paycheck, they mused as they tied the rope around the gate and cast a bubble-head charm in that somewhat dazed way that they always carried themselves in.

They had barely taken a step forward when someone crashed into them, having gone backwards. Moving the rope to their armpit, they grabbed the person's shoulders and tried to make eye contact. "Hey, hey," they said, voice as spacey as ever. "It's okay, we're okay."

What on earth was going on?

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