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Bubble-head charm was a quick and easy way to ensure some protection for all involved. Archer promptly applied one, and secured the gloves onto his hands. Certain that all of the adults in presence were capable of also applying their own, he nevertheless had a quick glance around to make sure nobody needed assistance. Nerves, that sort of thing.

The man wasn't wanting to lead, of course, but he would have. Olly also had a family at home, but he wasn't disappointed when she went first. At her glance, he tried to convey a look of trust, of confidence, but wasn't sure it would come across that way. He did trust her, but they had no idea what was beyond this mist.

Taking a firm grasp of the rope, Archer followed those in front of him. Through the gates. It had been a long time for him, but his children - Merlin hope - would also be making their journey into the castle. Not with a mist, though. They had to understand it, solve whatever this was, because there was no way his children were coming here in the mist.

It was eery, the eeriest situation he had ever been in. Not being able to see far ahead, only the people who were also attached to the rope. The ominous feeling, the fear prickling down his neck like an invisible hand. The further they got, the more it intensified. His eyes saw a flicker of something and he felt the blood drain from his head, right down to his feet. Every inch of his intestines felt like they had dropped from his body. Surely his heart was beating so fast it would soon explode, the pounding in his head thub, thub, thub. He wanted to call out, but opening his mouth only paralysed his vocal cords. Something coming, but no - no it couldn't be real. The mist had to be playing with his head. It was... it was impossible. But he couldn't, wouldn't let go of the rope.

His hands tremored before his legs gave out under him. His hand being ripped from the rope as he fell. Where he landed on his knees, he covered his head with his arms. The sound escaping his mouth was a horrified groan.

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