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Alice watched for a little while as the students attempted to summon another little Excalibur from the pool in front of them. She watched as Cordelia attempted a summoning charm. It was a good idea, but wouldn't work. "I'll give you all a clue as to how to get the sword," she said after a little while, standing from her chair and leaning forward with her palms on the desk surface. "The Lady, in many versions of the legend, would take Arthur with her to her home in Avalon when he was near his death. While this was not at the same time that she presented him with the sword, it was something she always knew would happen. To summon Excalibur, you must make a small sacrifice. Offer something to the water and the lady shall present you with the sword." If the sacrifice was worthy, then the sword would come. Otherwise, the one doing the offering would only get a rude poke from the enchanted hands in the water.

"Don't worry about what you sacrifice, it will be returned to you at the end of the lesson."

Moving on...

"While you are all trying to procure a sword from the water, I want you all to think back on the legends of King Arthur. You are all very well versed in the legends. But I wonder if you are also as well versed in the stories which are not the most famous. So here are a couple of bonus questions - you can answer one or both, totally up to you." She still required an answer, but she'd let them just answer one if they preferred - seeing as they were all still trying to procure the sword."Name one of Arthur's Knights of the Round Table who is NOT named Lancelot, and tell me a little about him. That is one question you can answer - or otherwise, tell me one legend of Arthur which does not involve Lancelot's scandal and which does not involve Arthur pulling the Sword from the Stone or receiving the Sword from the Lady in the Lake. You may answer both for bonus points."

ooc: You can decide whether your student's sacrifice gets an Excalibur or a poke.
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