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Alice watched as the students focused on their little swords in stones. She was a little surprised that no one used their wand to try and enchant the swords out of the stone. That wouldn't have worked, but she wouldn't have been surprised if they tried.

"Many men tried to pull the sword from the stone before Arthur. They all failed - every last one of them! It did not matter how strong they were nor how cunning. The reason was because Excalibur would only be wielded by a man worthy of the throne. The sword chose the king in a similar way to how our wands choose us. Only a good, selfless person could pull Excalibur from the throne. A person who would rule with the common good of the citizenry in mind, with no regard to fame and power."

By now they must have understood, right? She'd elaborate just a little more. "I've enchanted your swords (with the help of a person more advanced in magical skill than I) so that they would only come out if you are concentrating on good deeds. I believe your swords will come out if you were doing something nice for someone shortly before coming in here. If you were rude to anyone today, then your sword may be stuck - whether or not you are focusing on good deeds. Think on the most recent good act you did for someone. Not something that you did years ago, but something very recent. In one of the most popular versions of the King Arthur story, young Arthur pulls the sword from the stone because he needed it in the moment - not for himself, but for his stepbrother - who needed a sword for a jousting tournament. Arthur had no idea of the sword's worth and he was certainly not thinking of noble deeds he had performed years ago. It was what he was doing in the present that mattered, because what you do in your day to day lives when you are not expecting to be tested - that is what defines who you really are. So I suppose I will know which ones of you have been especially kind, recently, and which ones of you have not." She smiled thinly. Did that make anyone nervous? It wouldn't affect the outcome either way, as the sword did not judge nervousness. "Don't worry, I am sure that I would fail to pull it if I tried. I am not judging you. And yes, Dorian, you may keep your sword if you can pull it. The edges are blunt because I care about your safety." No sharp toys for children, not in Alice's watch.

"Now then!" And she waved her wand towards the desks. Every stone that had not been pulled from the stone vanished - along with the respective swords. The desks ALSO vanished! In their places were small pools about as wide as the desks. The rocks which had stood on the left side of the desks before now stood in a circle around the pools. The water in these pools was so deep that you could not see the bottom.

Alice smiled widely. She quite enjoyed being able to perform magic in her classes. She might have been going overboard, but this was a new and exciting sensation. "There is another story about Excalibur. In this version, the Lady of the Lake appears to bestow the magic sword Excalibur to Arthur. In the Post-Vulgate tradition, she is presented as an early benefactor of King Arthur who grants him Excalibur when his original sword is damaged. She is later beheaded by Sir Balin as a result of a kin feud between them (she blames him for the death of her brother, while he blames her for the death of his mother who had been burned at the stake, in addition to for how, as he says, "by enchantment and sorcery she has been the destroyer of many good knights") and a dispute over an enchanted sword. Modern retellings often omit that episode. But anyway, for our second activity, I want you to try and procure a sword from the pool in front of you. You can try anything you like. The rules for taking a sword from the water are different than the rules for taking a sword from the stone. You may stick your hand in the water...but be careful." Heh heh heh.

OOC: I couldn't tell you for sure if your student was able to take the sword out of the stone. If your character is generally nice and selfless to others in their day to day lives, then they will manage to pull the sword out. You can roleplay that happening. Keep in mind that Alice is relatively new to spellcasting, so there is one glitch in her spell. If your student works out a lot and is fit, then it might not matter if they are rude - the spell won't be strong enough to stop them from taking the sword. Alice won't know this, but her next spell (over the water) will.
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