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It was entirely possible that she was more on edge now than she had been during the latter half of the term when they’d all had to deal with Scrimgeour and his minions. Even Stasya was unable to hide the feeling from herself. Classes weren’t enough to distract her, not when so many of them were being influenced by the mist and the inability to be outside. She missed the sun, and above all, she was hoping beyond all hope that Professor Cornish had made certain all the creatures from the barns were safe. Not to mention her concern over the unicorns and the other denizens of the forest, since if she hadn’t been able to check on the barns she definitely hadn’t been able to find out if the mist had encroached the forest. Even the merrows had seemed worried about the mist, and that had been what had really made her worried.

Hearing the announcement as she’d gotten out of her most recent lesson had only compounded the stress, and she had gone into survival mode. The possession fears from her younger years were at the backof her mind, hidden behind the memories of the inferi, and the rebellion. The memories in which she and the others had all been tasked with protecting those who were in danger, including themselves. She couldn’t protect the creatures, but she could protect her Lions, and whoever else she’d managed to come across on her way to the dueling arena.

Although she’d nearly stopped dead as she’d arrived only to hear Cordelia’s question, only to get herself moving long enough to stop next to the smaller redhead, giving the headmaster a nod to show she was ready to do her duty. She really hoped that the answer to that question would be no one, or even that it was crazy thinking in general even if it would hurt her to see one of her ickles called crazy. But the fact remained that there had to be a reason they were all advised to avoid the mist, so the fear that the younger girl was right was definitely there.
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