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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
Adam tappity-tapped his way into the shop then paused to let his eyes adjust behind his big over-sized purple sunglasses. His support cane was clutched in his left hand and a small list of things he needed was in his right. He had taken the time to write it out before he left work and it had taken him a while to do. The handwriting wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either and there might have been one or two things written in German as he tended to do when he forgot what the item was called in English.

While his eyesite was getting better – kind of – it wasn’t back to normal and Adam had his doubts that it ever would be normal again. His one concern was tapping around the shop and accidently bumping into things or whacking something with his support cane. He sighed. He probably should have asked someone to come along with him, but who would he have asked?

Over the usual apothecary smells, Adam could smell something…off…but he wasn’t sure what it was. Perhaps a potion brewing in the back room or next door. It smelled like the bubble over had burned. He also heard someone moving around. ”Hallo?” he called with his heavy German accident. Maybe the shop keeper was around and could help him with his list. Adam was sure taking a few minutes to help him would be preferable to Adam bumbling around the shop blindly.
Gideon heard the familiar tinkle of the bell above the door, signaling the entrance of a customer into the shop. His head and attention turned in response but he didn’t immediately rush over. Too many years and too many shopping trips dealing with over attentive shopkeepers kept him from shadowing potential buyers too much. But the further tip tip tapping that followed made him wonder and change his mind. He was just about to turn around the end of the nearest isle when a heavily accented greeting hit his ears.

“ello,” the shopkeeper returned, coming around and up to the man, his own brogue lightly present. It was then that he took notice of the cane his companion was holding as well as the glasses. Looks like he was right in looking into his entrance. “May I help you?”
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