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Good thing he told her to remain seated because she had no intent on getting up at all right now. Huh? A Mediwizard? Rylee rubbed her head again shaking it very slowly. "Maybe?" Had it come up in conversation once or twice? Things were a little fuzzy right now and she truthfully couldn't remember. "Ice?" Cold things usually worked when you banged your head. So did getting some rest. She didn't think she was supposed to go to sleep though.

Resting her head in her hands for a moment, she closed her eyes. That seemed to help lessen the pounding of her head some but it did nothing for the pain in her chest and back from the wall. "Mm?" Rylee slowly opened her eyes again to look at Dorian. "I- yeah.. I think so." Reaching for his hand, gripping it with her own (not very tightly), she attempted to slowly get to her feet.

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