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With a look of utter concentration on his face, not to be mistaken for a 'i have to go' look, Dorian managed to perform the Diffindo charm nonverbally AND he had hit the dummy. The downside was that the hit hadn't been that powerful and only a large cut in its chest. He had hoped it would have cut the dummy in half.

He was aware of Rylee entering the room and he appreciated it that she waited to talk after he was done. He raised his wand again, pointed it at the dummy in front of him. This time, he decided to try another spell. The knockback jinx to be exact. He traced his wand in the air, concentrated on making the dummy fly backwards before he thought 'Flipendo!'

Nothing happened...

He turned towards Rylee to greet her now that he was done practicing for the moment when a blue light from the knockback jinx, decided to work and raced in the direction where the Gryffindor stood. "Oh geez-- Rylee watch out!" he shouted.
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