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These birds were almost as stubborn as her own Ayibe. And Ayibe was the most stubborn bird she'd ever had the misfortune of encountering. "Analiese makes an interesting point Headmaster," Ayana nodded towards the girl as she turned to Trent. Hanna's suggestion had amused her quite a bit, trying to imagine attempting to train a jobberknoll to carry letters to and fro. She imagined these birds had vastly better things to do. Like annoy Trent with their presence.

"And I'm afraid that if they want to stay here, then even if we coax them out they'll likely come right back," she added with a glance upwards at the unfriendly eyes gazing down on them. By Hypatia, birds are so unfriendly. You'd think they'd insulted their ancestors from the way they stared and squawked and screeched. "Maybe we could set up something nicer for them out in the grounds? Consult with Professor Cornish? To at least make some more room for the owls who are the rightful residents here.."

She looked up once again. If more birds from the forest decided to change their home address, this place would become overcrowded very very quickly.

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