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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Narcissa Hensley
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Emma Ferguson
Law Enforcement

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Name: Rachel
Age: 27
Location: England

Find me on Goodreads: heree but I dont actually use it that much

Preferred Reading Format: I do like a good hard copy of a book, but I just find reading on my kindle a lot more practical, especially as I read a lot in the bath. But I do a bit of both
What was the first book you remember reading? I can't really remember? But I do have a significant memory of reading the first four HP books during one summer

Tell us about your favourites!

Books: I don't really have a favourite? I mean I re-read the HP, Hunger Games, Shadow Hunters and Miss Peregrine all the time so maybe those series?
Authors: Similar to above!
Genres: I love dystopian, and fantasy. I read a lot of young adult books, and those are mostly my faves.
It's the end of the show. Of the historemix. We switched up the flow. And we changed the prefix

But we want to say. Before we drop the curtain. Nothing is for sure. Nothing is for certain
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