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Originally Posted by Davvy_Wavvy View Post
Belle listen as the professor explained why the kayak wouldn't work. She needed to keep in mind that Hogwarts wasn't an average place. It wasn't even an average magic place.

"Let me guess. They can basically see through the kayak right? Or can they read minds?" She had a feeling it was both, but really it was just her imagination getting away from her.

The first year wouldn't argue with Cornish, she had met Belle, and as brief as it was, it's obvious she was a very good girl. She scrambled into the kayak and clung to both sides.
"I guess it's like reading minds. Not see through kayaks," Cornish shrugged. She just needed to take him at his word, since he wasn't sure he could explain in simple terms the minute sensibilities of the merpeople. She'd probably meet some of them during her time at Hogwarts and get to understand them better.

"I'm going to push you out into the water now. It'll wobble a little, but you won't tip over." He pushed the kayak gently out into the water before returning to grab his own.

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
If this wasn't Cornish's office, Gunnar was completely unaware because, even though the groundskeeper hut was still on the grounds, so was this...thing. And he assumed that the hut would have been lived in, but in all honesty, he didn't give either much thought. And so, here he was, pleased to see the man on the other side of the door as it opened.

"Yes... I mean, no," he started, feeling almost as confused as Cornish looked. "Yes, I am McCarthy, but no, I'm not lost. I was looking for you, actually. And I found you, so I suppose I'm right where I'm supposed to be."
Cornish almost laughed at the boy's confusion. He hadn't been confusing on purpose, he supposed, but he didn't regret it. "Well, then, McCarthy. Why don't you have a seat here under the awning and we can have a warm drink? You drink tea? I have tea." It was fairly good tea, even if it was made on a camp stove in his caravan.

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