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Originally Posted by Davvy_Wavvy View Post
"Really? I thought for sure that the green would disguise the kayak pretty well. That's a shame." That hypothesis was a bust. She flashed the professor a smile when he helped her with her kayak and chipped out a bright "thanks" to him.

Belle shook her head.

"No I don't mind. I have more shoes."

Okay she expected him to say that but Brenda was a puppy. "Yeah but Brenda is a dog. It's not the same as having a favourite person....ready!"
"It's a perfect disguise, but Old Barty isn't your average... anything. He can see feel your vibrations in the water and sense you. So your disguise doesn't matter because he doesn't need his eyes. But the mermaids..." They could sense her too, but he wanted her to have the win, since he had a feeling she'd change the color of her kayak constantly if given a chance.

"She's my favorite everything. Now. Get in and I'll push you off. That'll save your shoes one minute longer."

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