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SPOILER!!: Dalton
Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
The fact that his colleague wasn't a big smiler was fairly reassuring, and it made Dalton feel a little more relaxed. Only a little, but in fairness that was a lot more than most people. The fact that Guilia was new, too, also helped. With a quick glance around the laboratory, and then down at the second-hand, particularly well-used watch on his wrist, Dalton gave the timing a moment of thought.

"Nine-thirty tomorrow would be good, yeah," he said, grateful that he'd had the choice between the two. "I can get a test started first thing in the morning." And whilst it didn't require watching, he would be free to attend the meeting.

The silence didn’t bother her, in fact, she found it nicer and more honest than some of the stupid conversations she had had in the break room since she had started here. She had a genuine appreciation for Dalton’s manner and it was one she very much missed about her cousins at times. Sometimes. Alittlelikealot.

”Nine-thirty tomorrow it is.” She said, nodding her head. ”Gratzie. I will let Eliora know tonight to expect you. If you get held up, please send me a memo or patronus of some form and I can rearrange the appointment for you.”

Giulia looked at Dalton for a few seconds before she nodded once more. ”I hope I didn’t take up too much of your time.” She was being stupid. Nevermind.
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